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Li Ming smiled:“chaos,The strongest treasure I left behind,One is both domain functions,Leave this star field for your own use。”The original ancestor of Chaos Castle leads the virtual universe company for hundreds of millions of years,Very wealthy,It was an early exchange for the Star Domain—But he also set a rule,Lord of the universe of the human race,Get up to one piece of Xeon Arcana from the clan,And if you are lucky enough to get the Xeon Supreme in the future,The first thing must be exchanged for the treasure of the race。

This guarantees a virtuous circle。 of course,Comparable to the strongest,The master of the universe who is qualified to snatch the strongest treasure in the universe,Currently,&hellip


她点了点头。 蓝梓琪眸色倏然一冷,挡在两人面前,“想走,给I妈妈道歉。” 蓝梓然这才笑吟吟的出声:“Do not给我妈妈道歉,就别想离开。” “道歉? 哈哈”姜静晗讥讽的笑了笑,目光高傲的看着蓝梓然,“她以为自己是谁呀,也想让我给她道歉。” “她是我的女儿。” Blue Xin身后,突然传来愤怒的声音。 第986章:一模一样的设计图 蓝欣回头看去,Gu Anan一听这声音,惊出了一声冷汗,只见顾锡鸿和顾忆霖走了进来,两人神色愤怒。 顾锡鸿走到蓝蓝身后,看着对面站着的Gu Anan,一脸冰冷,“安安,你真是让dad太失望了。” “爸爸,我我不知道自己做错了什么,爸爸你要这样说我?” 顾安安低眉顺眼,怎么都想不到会在这里遇到爸爸和Two brother,她和顾家的关系,好不容易好了一点,现在又碰到了这样的误会了,她今天对蓝欣可是什么都没有说过。 “爸爸,Two brother,How are you here??” Blue Xin laughs。&hellip

More than 10 million sergeants of the Thunder Sky team are arranged according to the usual training pattern,With the bright light in the distance getting bigger and bigger,The morale of the sergeants also increased,I don’t know who started it,Let’s sing the military anthem of Thunder Team:“We want victory,victory,Ultimately belongs to us……”

There is no air in the starry sky,The sound can’t travel a long distance,The power of so many immortal cultivators together is very powerful,Almost all&hellip

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