Month: July 2021

Tianzi Lei couldn’t help but curse secretly,Starting from Zhu Kemi taking out the empty space,This home won’t be peaceful,Among all the wives of Lei Tianzi,Except for Hu Di and Lei Lan, who doesn’t know anything about the world,,He seldom stuffs money for someone,Even if I want to give some babies, it’s before marriage,I’m a family after marriage,Need to look at other people’s winks and the direction of the team,Lei Tianzi try his best to be fair and open,Earning money is also based on ability,For example, Qiao Huiru and Sinan Sui are such people,Not only doesn’t ask Lei Emperor for money,And give her husband some money from time to time,Worried about Lei Tianzi suffering outside all day long,This is a good and considerate lady。

But the family is too many,There are always a few uncomfortable,Such as handou,Another example is Gan Qian,They belong to people who are more domineering and&hellip

Sima Yao is obviously starving,Pick up the chopsticks and fly up and down,Passing through the group of four looking at each other,Zhang Xiaoming picked up the chopsticks first,With a piece of pork,Chew in your mouth,“Ok,Original pork,very chewy,Just tasteless,If only there is chili sauce。”

Li Lan gave him a white look,“Dream,Chili won’t come in until the Ming Dynasty,Here,Soy sauce here,Will be on。” Zhang Xiaoming dipped a chopstick full of&hellip

Xiuxianjie usually entertains guests with spirit fruits and drinks,Which is tea,but,The locals don’t order tea,But it’s called bubble leaf,It is the kind that Mu Yuzhu gave to Lei Tianzi,Mu Yuzhu is generous,The leaves for Lei Tianzi are more advanced,Have a refreshing drink,Chutianya’s bubble leaves are of average quality,Lei Tianzi took a sip and put water in the tea cup and stopped moving。

Soon,A woman who covered her face with a magic instrument sat down next to her,Lei Tianzi and others didn’t care,I don’t know whether people are&hellip

More than 10 million sergeants of the Thunder Sky team are arranged according to the usual training pattern,With the bright light in the distance getting bigger and bigger,The morale of the sergeants also increased,I don’t know who started it,Let’s sing the military anthem of Thunder Team:“We want victory,victory,Ultimately belongs to us……”

There is no air in the starry sky,The sound can’t travel a long distance,The power of so many immortal cultivators together is very powerful,Almost all&hellip

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