Month: November 2021

Wang Youfa hesitated,Ran to the yard and found the broom,Started cleaning the yard。Wang Degui sitting on the kang and wrapping paper,I couldn’t help but breathe out。He looked at this year and couldn’t pass it,I didn’t expect the old woman to come out and say,These two sons are honest again。

In the kitchen,Chen Yueqin is working,While saying:“Look at you three brothers,There is no one that makes mother worry,If I can bring back a woman,I don’t&hellip

Wang Youcai’s eyes widened and roared:“Who else can he have。We’ll be clear if we go over and ask in a while,If he dares to deny,Let’s give him some color tonight。Wu Wu is calling now to check where Chen Feng is going tonight,If you know, let’s go over now”Wang Youcai said,Take the lead to walk outside the hospital。

Xia Jiangang came downstairs,I received a call from Qin Xiaomin,Tell him not to use it,Some colleagues from the city government came to see her。 ————&hellip

Xia Jian continued:“Something like this,Not only do local management departments not actively deal with,Instead, the responsibility was passed on to Hongjian Group,They said it was because our group did not pay them,Which triggered something like this。Just today,There are people who fan the flames,To carry the body of this suicide woman to our group。What are you saying?”

“Bastard,Really lawless。President Xia!Since I, Lan Jianguo, know about you,Then I will definitely ask,You must be calm,Don’t tear your skin with them,Because there are a lot&hellip

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