China Worships Dragon God,Carved dragons and phoenixes on many buildings,The world of cultivating immortals does not adore monsters like dragons and phoenixes,They prefer the starry sky and the vast void,Stars alone have tens of thousands of shapes,The patterns vary from size to radiant,therefore,After Lei Tianzi made his opinion,Immediately there is a real immortal strong imprinted a pattern on the blank area,Are made up of stars, sun and moon,Arranged to form a vast and profound star field。

The sergeants are doing finishing work outside,Lei Tianzi walked into the biggest house,Sat down cross-legged in the hall,Take out the jade slips that have been purchased by ten trillion immortal crystals,Study with all your heart。
Ten days and ten nights,Lei Tianzi is always immersed in research,Until this《Shocking》Thorough memory in my head,Understand the meaning of every sentence,Then put down the jade slip。
There are only a hundred sergeants of the Tiantian team on duty in the Sihe compound,Pay attention to the outside world,Very quiet all around,The world of Xiuxian is different from the environment where there are big factories and cars everywhere on the earth,Except for the fights between the cultivators,There are no quarrels,Quiet as if no one else lives here。
Seeing Lei Tianzi standing at the door squinting at the sun,A sergeant came forward and reported:“grown ups,A man named Gu Wei begged to see you,Have been waiting for five days。”
“Is it friend Gu??Soon please。”Lei Tianzi is very happy,Gu Wei left him a deep impression,I always respect the friends I met on the way。
Gu Wei flew in lightly,Still looks like a fairy tale bone,Speak loudly from afar:“Lei Daoyou,I heard you are retreating,Can be rewarding?”
“Harvest every day,Progress every day,See Gu Daoyou refreshed,There must be a happy event。”Lei Tianzi always speaks neatly,And the wording is rigorous,Only when you meet a good friend will you relax your guard,Show his openness。
“Hahaha……I’m here to tell you,Three days later, my brothers and I will go on a mission,This time I went out for about ten years before returning。”
“Is that long?”Tianzi Lei sent out an emotional sentence in his heart,A cultivator of immortality retreats once and a hundred years has passed by,At first glance, a cultivator has ten thousand years of life,Time is long,In fact, there are not too many opportunities to appear in front of people,Most of the time is spent in retreat and practice。
Pondered,Lei Tianzi gave 30 magnetic talisman to Gu Wei,Said:“This is the talisman I made,Can affect people’s minds,Upset one’s soul,Those who are strong in the royal realm will also be harmed,But this weapon has a flaw,That is not to distinguish between enemy and us,Even the caster will be harassed,This is the third nucleic acid,Is the antidote to the magnetic field talisman,You can protect yourself from the magnetic field if you take it in advance,I gave it to you together,Hope you never need it。”
Lei Tianzi means,Hope that Gu Wei will not be in danger。
Gu Wei is very grateful,He arched his hands and said:“I’m here to let you know,Don’t have to wait long,I didn’t expect to take advantage of you,Since this is the case,I just accepted,I hope I will still be here ten years later。”
“My heart also bless you。”Lei Tianzi bids farewell to Gu Weiyi,A blink of an eye,Gu Wei disappeared without a trace。
Lei Tianzi looked in the direction where Gu did not disappear for a long time,Then asked the sergeant standing next to him:“Where’s Mrs. Qin?”
“Madam is practicing piano in the fairy space。”

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