Later, several immortal cultivators took the stage to compete,But lost in front of the Buddha,The man in Tsing Yi trades more frequently,Pieces of virtual space shuttles between the stage and the stage,In less than an hour, thousands of Buddha statues have been handed down to the world。

Xuanyuan Dandan likes lively,She bought one,I found it in my hand,This kind of magic weapon of immortal quality has no magic weapon,I couldn’t help but be deceived。
Lei Tianzi smiled:“How can there be so many spirits in the Nanlong family??Find a suitable tool in the future!”
Take the Buddha from Xuanyuan Dandan’s hands,Lei Tianzi discovered that this magic weapon was manufactured using the power of rules,There is a fundamental difference in the manufacturing methods from the magic weapons encountered before,He pondered for a while,Send a message to Hongna,The process of interrogation,Is it possible to use the power of rules in large quantities on magic weapons。
Hongna quickly replied:“Refining this level of magical tools requires extremely high level of knowledge,In the legend, as long as you have a deep knowledge in the rules,Has reached the point of turning stones into gold,You can turn an ordinary magic weapon into an artifact at will,The fundamental reason why advanced immortals do not lack training resources is,The prices they make are quite high。”
Lei Tianzi agrees with Hongna,Soon,Hong Na replied:“Xuan’er’s calculation rules,Liu Tang’s Space Rules,Have reached the point of perfection,We still lack some people who know the rules,If we join hands,It can create a fairy with a lot of rules,I am also studying this work recently,How is your time law practice?”
“Still owe some heat,I think about it again!”Tianzi Lei feels that Hongna is much stronger than him in manufacturing equipment。
Lei Tianzi’s skills are very mixed,His knowledge of alchemy is extremely high,As the realm improves,The previous alchemy can’t keep up,High-level cultivators are developing towards the power of rules,Little focus on a single skill,He has to adjust the ideology of the entire team according to the current needs。
Team Thunder now has a lot of high-level cultivators,But those top combat powers are mostly brainwashed people,It’s not bad if their cultivation level doesn’t drop,You can’t expect people like puppets to create any field。
development of,Have to rely on the Lei family。
Lei Tianzi thought of many questions from this powerful magic weapon of the Buddha.,Directly contact the strength and social development prospects of the Shangleitian team,I quickly blocked the bad information,Regained confidence、A state of fighting spirit。
Due to the size of the Buddha,He sees this magic weapon is in his fairy space,After seeing it, he returned the Buddha to Xuanyuan Dandan。
“How about this fairy?”Xuanyuan Dan asked happily。
“Okay!Not low level,But I feel that I lack something that belongs to the soul。”
“A little less。”
“Not a tool。”Lei Tianzi pondered for a moment,Said:“This magic weapon cannot be used against the immortal cultivators of the Nanlong family,If the other party uses the same magic weapon of the Buddha,May swallow your magic weapon completely。”
“Oh I see,Bastard。”Xuanyuan Dandan feels deceived,Gritted his teeth。
“People dare to sell magic weapons,There must be a safe arrangement in advance,It’s useless to scold him,Can others sell top magic weapons to strangers??”

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