“Is this the legendary Taoist spell??”

“Mountain God Call?”
“What are we going to do now?Yes go up‘Act impartially’Arrested Yan Ruyu, who was once a night watchman, back to his cell,still is……”
Three of you look at me,I look at you,The face is quite dark。
And the mountain god stone statue is not idle,The stick in my hand is on the ground again。
Another giant stone cauldron appeared on the cracked ground,Fire in the cauldron,The scorching breath came out,It turned out to be tumbling magma inside。
“Gan,Is this old-fashioned so strong??”Yan Ruyu was stunned by the sophisticated methods,No wonder this old way can drive Buddhism back to the West。
but,for‘Old way’Appearance lines,He still wants to vomit。
You a Taoist priest,What Fahai?
But he hasn’t had time to speak,‘Old way’The transformed mountain god spoke again。
“Day of Broken Sword Reforged,When the King returns!!!”
Ground shaking。
Six cutting blades flew from the ground。

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