Can now be ninety-nine percent sure‘law’It’s impossible to break the game,Only chance,Is to use a strong will to break。

but,After all, breaking the will is just a guess,Yan Ruyu is not sure that he will succeed,He can’t be sure in his heart,How can I make Lao Dao believe that he really has this will??
“Can’t get through,This road simply won’t work……Can only change one!but,If you don’t take the path of will,Then back to search‘method’The idea is coming。”
“Let’s go back?Back in the mountain temple,There are still a few vixen to play,I’m so handsome,About to be lifted,Marry a daughter at random,Lie down and let her move,Doesn’t it smell?”
“Why bother to go this way?”
“too difficult!”
“but,Special……This road can live forever!!!”
“The gate of the palace is forbidden‘Longevity’The power of,Now legendary‘Longevity’Close at hand,I just give up,Is the snack too big??”
Of course Yan Ruyu doesn’t just want to live long,He mainly wants the power of Dao Gong,The dream of sanctification,No one doesn’t want。
and,Have come this far,He also saw some‘Mystery’,Want to break this deadlock,Obviously you have the best chance when you first come in。
at this point,Exposed from the old way‘Disappointed’expression,And take him to listen to the girl in the blue dress‘Argument’,In fact, you can get some clues。
“The old way is to help him on purpose‘cheat’。”
“That’s right,If it is the first time to come in and choose to shrink,There will be basically no chance in the future。”
“Three hundred years,Countless people‘back and forth’Want to break this deadlock,But still no one can crack,The biggest reason for this is probably because you flinched for the first time。”
“Want to break,Only the first time is there a chance!”
“Sailing against the current,Do not advance or retreat!”
“There are countless licking dogs in this world,They lick every day,Licking,I thought I could impress the goddess with my sincerity,But in fact,Their goddess always dreamed of love at first sight!”
“Daogongshan Gate……This stone gate that has been closed for three hundred years,Since i’m here today,If you don’t have to do your best,Is that still a man??”
“but,How to spell?”
“How can we temper our will to‘Live to death’To the point?It’s too hard,I’m so handsome,Talented,Why can’t I really want to die??”

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