This bitch,What the hell is she doing!

I’m burnt out now,She called not just to care about me?
“I heard you slept well,I’m relieved。”Wu Lan said leisurely。
“I’m in the company,What the hell do you have。”I said impatiently,“If nothing happens,I hung up。”
“You didn’t go home last night。”Wu Lan said suddenly。
What she said shocked me。
Well what does that mean!
Did she follow me?
If she finds out,I opened a room with Xiaowen last night,That’s the fucking bad。
“What are you talking about。”I said righteously,“Where can i be when i’m not home,Bye。”
I finished,Hung up。
Is it because before,I discovered Wu Lan’s secret,She wants to grab my handle,Used to gag my mouth?

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