Because of Han Dou’s character, he loves Choi,And there is the background of the boss,Belongs to a person who is not afraid of trouble,Lei Tianzi directly blocked the news of the Outland Battlefield to her,Let Qijuan and Dunxizi do things as planned,Don’t meet Handou,So many years after Han Dou came to Outland Battlefield, he didn’t figure out how powerful Lei Tianzi was.,Why is the relationship with the Goufan so good?。

In Lei Tianzi’s fairy space, there are a billion paper puppets working non-stop every day and night to produce medicines for the plague.,Lei Tianzi can judge the number of Goufan creatures based on the number of drugs exported。
After five years,A message came from Qian Xiu’an:“Just halve the demand for medicines,Most of the settlements of the Goufan tribe are no longer affected by the plague。”
A rough estimate,The number of creatures of the Goufan should be around 8 trillion。
Lei Tianzi only used about one billion paper puppets to save eight trillion creatures.,The money obtained is more than a hundred times the benefits Human Race has obtained from fighting with aliens in the outer domain over the years.。
The Emperor Lei who has been fighting for half his life is not such a kind person,The price of medicines sold to the Goofan is not low at all,These drugs have more than doubled in Qian Xiuan’s hands,So everyone makes money,Tianzi Lei can get out of it,He is not directly involved in the sale of medicines,Even if it is known later that medicines are actually worthless,It has nothing to do with Emperor Lei。
Tianzi Lei thinks it’s boring to stay on the battlefield in Outland,I discussed it with myself,Decided to let Qijuan and Dunxizi who are familiar with the situation here stay on the outer field battlefield,He and others evacuated here。
Qijuan and Dunxizi are inconvenient to object,Mainly because they have no reason to oppose,I can only silently accept Lei’s arrangement,But Qijuan held Lei Tianzi for several days before he left,And got pregnant with a child,That was the Seven Regions of Megatron Outland Battlefield later。
Qiyu is a very amazing person,He blocked the invasion of the human race by the Gofan tribe alone,Of course,Behind this is the contribution of his father Lei Tianzi,When Lei Tianzi left the outer field battlefield, he laid a solid foundation for his son.,Let Qijuan have a good relationship with Qian Xiuan。
Lei Tianzi chose a way to resolve his grievances by not confronting the strong in the foreign domain.,It is a very wise strategic exchange to turn fighting against war.,If you follow the previous way of Human Race,I don’t know when this war will be fought,And the war consumes more than just the sacrifice of personnel,There is a lot of resource output。
When you don’t need yourself in the Outland Battlefield,Lei Tianzi immediately withdrew,Two excellent troops, Team Sky and Team Lei, were left,Qijuan and Dunxizi、Guo Qianjun is the leader,They have medicines for the plague and desert ships as aids,And then there is a teleportation array across the stars,Lei Tianzi can rest assured to hand over the Outland Battlefield to his loyal subordinates。
After returning to Jiansu Gate,Lei Tianzi immediately noticed that there is some confusion in Jiansu Gate today,Mainly because Gu Duowei took too many disciples at once,These people are of mixed origin,The cultivation base is also quite different,The former disciples of Jiansu disciples all chose immortal cultivators in the realm of true immortals,This time I won’t even let it go,The issue is,These low-level cultivators are too poor,After arriving at Jianshumen, I kept fighting with people because of resource problems.,And the behavior of some female fairies has no bottom line,Directly disrupted the order of Jiansu Gate。
As the deputy master of the sect, Lei Tianzi was furious,Comprehensive management was carried out immediately,Formulate various regulations and laws to bind all people,Even after Lei Tianzi learned that a son of the head Gu Duowei robbed the female fairy, he categorically ordered:“Beheading,Never tolerate。”

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