Let’s talk more,In addition to my work relationship with her,I really can’t even count as a friend。

“Can it be another day。”I asked, frowning slightly。
“Do you have the heart to let me feel dark at night?”The extinction master asked too leisurely。
I’m silent。
If you change to someone else,Was asked by the supervisor to change the light bulb at home,I will be happy。
Although Yao Yun’s first day,It showed her attitude of not being seen,But after all, she is still my leader。
Just change the light bulb,Is there anything I dare not go。I told myself。
at this time,My phone rang。
Zhou Rui came here。
Hesitated,I pressed the answer button。
“Husband,I have to go back later,If you eat,Don’t wait for me。”Zhou Rui said。
“Ok。”Finished,I hung up。
Thinking of Zhou Rui,My world is suddenly overcast。
Look at the time on the phone,It’s ten quarter past night。
She will go back a little later at this time,I really have the urge to curse。
Isn’t she going to hide it at all??
She must be so obvious,Are you willing to give up until I die??

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