“Only Buddhism can suppress evil spirits!”

Looking at the joyful smiles on people’s faces,Yan Ruyu was silent,He took his junior sister and the remaining Taoist disciples back to the temple gate。
“The teacher respects the creation of the demon god Xuanji,This allowed Buddhism to pick up the bargain,Although the war is over now,But the evil spirit still hasn’t fully punished,No matter what,We Dao Sect should all prove our strength。”
“Yes,Today’s King City Banquet,I wait for Dao Sect disciples to be left out,I can’t swallow this breath!”
“Punish evil spirits,Revenge for Master!”
Daozong disciples are angry。
Yan Ruyu wants to stop,But can’t stop,The only thing he can do is to stay with his junior sister,Comfort her softly:“Do not worry,People will never forget Master……It will be fine,everything,Will get better,Junior sister……You can rest assured。”
Next,Buddhism and Taoism began to suppress the remaining demons。
But the bad news began to keep coming,The disciples of Taoism suffered various ambushes from evil spirits,Heavy casualties,And the opposite,On the side of Buddhism,Good news frequently。
Various rumors began to appear among the people……
“Daozong is dead!If you are led by Buddhism from the beginning,Maybe the evil spirits have been suppressed long ago,How could it be possible to sacrifice so many sergeants?”

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