Unknowingly walked hundreds of miles,The scope of this piano city is very large,The houses on both sides of the street are mostly two stories、Three-tier,There are residents and shops,There are even places where men eat, drink and have fun,There are also places for female fairies to have fun,Where the female fairies consume,Man is a plaything,Where men consume,The female fairy is the plaything,Such places are very common,As long as you have money you can buy fun, useful and weird things,Looking at all corners of the world,The principle that rich is the uncle applies everywhere。

When passing by a health shop,Lei Tianzi walked in and took a look,The cows and finches here are all in the feeding period,Even a three-year-old child is a master at the infantile period,Only limited by age and lack of experience,Looks dull and cute,Nothing different from mortal children,Many teenagers are immortals、The realm cultivation of the powerful,But those above the realm of true immortality cannot see at all。
Lei Tianzi asked the man at Shengpu:“Are there no real cows and birds in the realm of real immortality here??”
“The guests are attracted to the strong and the strong want to call the strong in the realm of real immortality?You are not afraid of being bitten?”The man said with a smile without a smile,What he said“Backlash”,It’s the bought slave who killed the master against the water,This situation happens frequently in the world of immortality,Very common,Sometimes the slave is unbearable and oppressed by the master,Killed the owner in a rage,Sometimes the realm of slave cultivation is high,Refusing to succumb to others,Killing the owner can take the owner’s property。
Lei Tianzi shook his head,Said with a smile:“I dare to buy,Not afraid of being bitten,What are you afraid of?”
“All the cows and birds in the realm of true fairyland are over 12 years old,Good practice qualification,We covered our heads and faces when we sold,The guests can only tell if the cows and finches are male or female,Can’t see the facial features。”Dude introduced。
This practice is also very common,People with high cultivation levels don’t necessarily look pretty,Some immortal cultivators are still ugly even if they reach the realm of the kingdom,But most immortal cultivators are beautiful,Because they encountered Thunder Tribulation during the promotion, they can slightly modify their appearance.,There is a reason for the ugly cultivator,Either the sequelae of the injury is the improper practice,Some people choose exercises that are powerful,But it hurts itself,So as to leave an ugly face。
Not all immortal cultivators who come to Shengpu are as kind as Lei Tianzi,There are many immortals who have special hobbies,Specially selected handsome men and beautiful women to use,It’s just improper use。
Tianzi Lei wants to buy raw cows and finches for training,He has never had a torture hobby,Always ashamed of torturing others,Nodded and said:“Ok,I know your rules here。”
That guy gave him a deep look,Suddenly the voice said:“Why do customers want to buy raw cows and finches??”
“I’m over a thousand years old,Never had a family,No children,I plan to pick a few children to raise,In the future when i get old,There are also people running around in front of the bed,Give me a retirement。”Talking,Lei Tianzi shook his head and sighed。
I can’t believe what he said is true,But Lei Tianzi was born to be rich and handsome,There is an aura of a king looking at the world on his face,Give a credible impression,The guy in the shop believed what Lei Tianzi said.。
After Lei Tianzi heard the dude’s voice,,I think there must be something tricky in it,Secretly stuffed one hundred thousand fairy crystals,The money given to people like Chen Yingui will definitely face the end of being killed,Because one hundred thousand immortal crystals can’t be taken,It’s already a lot of money for a shopkeeper,Enough to buy this guy’s dedicated service。

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