Internet novels in this era are indeed very developed,But precisely because of the development,So too many people write,Who must look at you?Popularity accumulation is very important。

He planned,Sign up firstIDTry water,Accumulate a certain popularity,But you have to find another job,After all, he still has to eat。
The people in the office don’t know where the news is coming from,Basically we already know that Xiao Yang is about to be fired。Many people are still a little sorry,After all, Xiao Yang can still“Hard-working”of。
The world is cold。
Xiao Yang has experienced it many times in his previous life,He will not despair,Not to show cowardice。
There is no place to stay here!
Went outside at noon and ate something casually,Xiao Yang is back to work。
at this time,The deputy director frowned and walked out of the office,“Have a meeting now。”
Xiao Yang and the young temporary workers immediately went to the meeting room to pour water,Then stand by and watch。
Deputy director knocking on the table,“Old Zhang resigned,Was poached by Dongsheng Entertainment。”
There was a lot of discussion in the office。
“What about his live broadcast?”
“Yes,This show can’t do without him。”
“Without him, this episode,Our listening rate will drop a lot,Almost the end of the year,This will affect our year-end bonus。”
“Xiao Deng and Xiao Tian are studying outside,Can’t come back in a short time。”
“director,Or call the announcers from other offices to help?”
“There are still a few people on the children’s channel anyway,I think they can help us。”
“Yes,Xiao Liu’s level is good,I used to be Teacher Zhang’s assistant before。”
“Humph!Look at their faces?Old Zhao can’t laugh,I don’t want to look at his coffin face。”
Deputy Director Leng Hum,Turned to look at Xiao Yang,“Xiao Yang,get ready,You will replace Zhang Hua temporarily tonight。”

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