Next time no。

It’s not in the sky.,And Yunlu can Raiders,Liao Jie decided to go back,Looking for Yunluo a hour。
He turned on TV,Specially selected a small channel,Fusing the door into the bedroom。
Outside the house,Side of the sky watching TV,I laughed again,See Liao Jie walks into the bedroom,Lonely men widowed too much。
He is a good brother,Yun Lu loyalty is not two,What is I am worried?!
“Princess,what are you doing?”
Entered the door,Liao Jie saw the cloud radiance that is tied to the sheets and curtains.,Flip over white:“I want you,Sign up,So the worms climbed back。Think about it,Broken bugs,Have not died for a while,Creeping on your body,Side of green water。”
Yunluo listened,Scalp,The whole person is not good.。
Liao Jie’s first two steps,Unlock the sheets:“so,Don’t ask for it,The crime will only be you。”
“I knew it,You and the sky are a guy,Not because the worm is placed。”Yunlu’s teeth。
“I don’t like this about it.,My big brother is still,How can you become a bad person in your mouth??”
“Seven hundred years ago,He is the evil man master,Seven hundred years later”
Yun Lu refers to himself:“He imprisoned me,If I don’t promise to marry him,He doesn’t let me go.,This can be called character.?”
“This is just explaining that my big brother likes you.!”
Liao Jie said good to persuade:“Think about it,What love can withstand the seventh hundred years of wind,I really have a good intention.?”
Yunlu said,Because Liao Jie said is 歪 理。
See Yun Luo Qi Shang online,Liao Jutton,This woman He deceived eight times a night is not difficult Can help the sky to defraud eight times,That is enough.。
“Princess In your impression How is my big brother??”
I got up directly to the death penalty,Nothing。
Liao Jie laughs two Hard scalp:“Princess this is awkward,Use people can only see the appearance I can’t see the heart of one person。Take me Natural a good skin”
“hehe,Why are not you talking?”
“Raise the wrong example,Take Wu Dehui,Natural a good skin Into the nightclub will not expose. Not for。”
Liao Jie said:“Have a sentence to the princess,Woman wants to be happy for a lifetime,With your favorite,It is better to find a favorite。”
“If it is the sky, let you wait,Let him die the heart I won’t like him.。”
“how,Princess has a favorite person?”
Yunlu is trying to say Her feelings of Wu Dehui,Can think of the scene that will always be seen there Rapida will break the mind。
“That gives me a chance of my big brother.!”
Liao Jie mouth:“I know what the princess is thinking.,Nothing to see my big brother is honest Will not hard to you So delay time and others to rescue。pity I met Yan old last night.,Everyone talked two sentences,He does not mention you,All the whole process is chatting with me.。”
“What’s the meaning?”
“Princess a few hundred years ago,Only archaeological value,A master of martial arts,Moving people treasure house,Let you choose,Which one do you choose??”
Liao Jie said that he said last night.,Acknowledge:“so,Although Yan Lao will save you,But just,The sky is the most preferred option.。”
Yunlu shook his head,She is still not stupid to believe in Liao Jie。
“Do not misunderstand,I am not scaring you.,Not threatening you,Not picking up you in addition to the sky, the big brother is not available.。”

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