Listening to Murongbo,Far mountain reveals the color of memories——Can’t talk,However, I really remembered that the loyalty of Dollers in the same year.。

“Peak,This person said,what do you think。”After the hills are entangled,Don’t say a view,Ask the meaning of your son。
Xiao Yuanshan in the original,Set because there is Han Master、I am also a Han,Naturally tend to get along with Song Liao,I have repeatedly advised the Liao Daozong and Song.,Just after Yanmenuan,Its people hate the South,And doing thinking is more embarrassed……
But even so,Xiao Yuanshan is in the face of Murongbo’s temptation,Also choosing Xiao Feng’s own opinion,After all, the world is rich,Xiao Yuanshan, full of brain revenge,Isn’t there an attractive,Otherwise, it will not never stay in Shaolin.。
But according to the causality in the big rivers and lakes,Although I love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan also tends to pay with the Han people.,But at this time Murongbo,But more temptation——Royal flag、That is, now the little emperor,and“Dorler”We have a hatred!
And now Murong’s father and son are not weak.,This place is Shaolin,Continue to kill,I am afraid that I have the result.,Let’s first attract the intervention。
Qiao Feng still does not have any hesitated:“Kill,Impeventive trading!This havenner should be reported,Not allow、My father and son two people explain the life here.!”
Murongo’s heart is an indignant、It is helpless,I have been prepared to be ourselood,Come to exchange,But……Why encounter such a iron?
Successful,You can be an emperor!
“Peak Prince!You are clearly killing,The little emperor is again to prevent you,and……If you don’t think,You can born from oursin today.,There is also a disaster in the future.!”Murongbo。
“You don’t don’t want to disturb the world.,Let you come to SHARD,You have seen it,The battlefield is bleed、The bodies of all countries are inhanding?
I am killing for worship for being a job.,Dearing this peak is not expensive,If you can stop the war,My Joe is supplemented.,If you can’t calm down,I am going to it.,Qiaogoupick,牧 马、Fardwood,Also supported,Can you do this with you such a conspiracy of the world?!”
Qiaofeng said,at the same time,Shaolin disciple and rivers and lakes,At this time, I finally followed it.,The front people heard the words of Qiaofeng,Admire in my heart、Also……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventy-three chapters Six-yang combined snow
And some part of Shaolin disciples,And more concerned about Qiao Feng and Murong,I have traced backwards——at the begining of,Shaolin also died,But too much,Shaolin does not dare to arouse the public,I have to go with the same。
Zhang Wuji and Donkey、Duan Yu and let me,Still in front of Daxiong Temple,But let me,Obviously magical,Master’s temperament is not traceful。
Instinct discovery,Duan Yu fights less experience、And three six swords,Both are longer than the distance and people,Fight,Also pull into the distance。
In this manner, there is still the remaining young sword.、Shazejian、Shashing sword,Although it is not as good as the sword,But after the number of swords is reduced,Control of each sword,More precisely more accurate。
However, the sword of the Six pulse is no matter what a few,Have a major shortcomings,That is……Next,Lost flexible and variable characteristics,Instead, be bundled!
In distant,Don’t consider your body,Naturally, there is no unusual use of swords.,palm、wrist、Act of arms,Sword tricks are impossible。
But once it is close to,But you have to take care of yourself,The moving is turtled.!
certainly,This is exactly the problem,If Duan Yu is accustomed to fighting,So now you can combine the six-pulse sword array with the close work.——Dali Duan’s《Anyang finger》,That is a stronger kung fu when it is the melee hole。
However, Duan Yu apparently doesn’t have this experience.,I just want to use the three sword to stop the other party.,As a result, a shovel who was a shot that did not have the baggage.,Then I am a roll of my legs……
If Murong is present,I will feel this trick.“Double dragon”Very familiar,However, I don’t have to consist of Duan Yu’s head.,But the situation is from behind、Ride to Duan Yu’s neck!
Then both hands,Dead death, Duan Yu’s face,Content is facing the temple,Duan Yu quickly pulled the back of my line……
Duan Zhengqi’s four major guards are busy,How is it at this time?,Let me have a laughter,Do not teach,But it is busy《Plastic star Dafa》……
Torch,It is the number of people in the human body.,Even if I practice hard work,The resistance here is still different.,Let me start from here.,Duan Yu is not only inner strength,Seems to open the gate,And the brain、I only feel disgusting,Can’t concentrate at all!

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