The united man is so savvy.,Will not be apprentice wearing a green hat。
White caught is lightly said:
“There is a corpse that needs to be sewn,Who has the ability to sew,The gold leaf of this box is his。”
Everyone touches the corpse to try。
When the body is opened,I don’t talk one by one.。
The body of the body is turned into wood.,Joke!Timple head,They have been touching the dead for so long,Have not sew。
“Who can sew?Break finger?Small ears?Alone?Still?Sew,A box of gold leaves are your。”
Lin Rong is not interested in touching the body.,So don’t want to pick up this tricky。
only,Others seem to have a lot of money.,Retreat,Only put the forest。
A person is very awkward!
Linxiang suspects they are in touch with yourself。
Prepare back, say you don’t want to take your hand.。
White caught is hard to catch a,How can I make the forest easily escape?:
“I will loud you.,Carry it to the Grade A stopper。”
The old man has a lingering,Always have a bright and light expressions finally have a different。
Although Jianxian predecessors were in order to confidentiality last night.,But the temperament does not change。
To this extent,It is more than just a face.,Temperament is also a means of identifying identity。
Sword fairy actually hid in Yizhuang to touch the corpse,Is this a big faint city??
The realm is really not his junior can try to figure out.。
The forest is of course also notice that the eyes of the old people have just fixed their own.,But soon transferred again.,So I don’t think I will expose myself.。
Today, I was caught in the bamboo.。
Enter the mortuary,Close the door,Hit a greece to the body:
“We meet again。”
Lin looked ignited two fragrant,On the two feets of the body,。
The next is to consider how to put the wood on the body.。
Direct use of needle lines obviously less reality。
never mind!There are no other better ways now。
Lin ring out needlework,Piercing lead。
The needle in the hand is slightly hard to penetrate the wood,It’s easy to think about it.,Then sew together with the neck。
About one hour,Use the fifty-needle to control the wooden head firmly on the body.。
Lin raw pushed the mortal test,Quite strong。
In general,He is still very satisfied with his own work.。
Get up,Open the door of the mirror,Say:
“Let’s come in and see it.!”
The old disciple walked,After seeing the body,Surprisingly:

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