Zhou Xinlin’s heart,Even hate Wang Teng。

So for now,These things,How to deal with it。
Actually just these problems,It’s definitely not that easy。
See these,at this time,Zhou Xinlin looked up even more,Whole person’s face,It also reveals a kind of unspeakable pride。
After all, now,How could Zhou Xinlin not know?
“But then again,What is Wang Teng doing now?”
Zhou Xinlin finished,Others reported to Zhou Xinlin。
When Wang Teng comes back,After solving these things drastically。
Actually now,Zhou Xinlin seems to be somewhat redundant。
and so,Zhou Xinlin’s heart,For such things,Actually, I’m not so anxious at all。
After all such a thing,Essentially,It’s already on the bright side。
And seeing these,Zhou Xinlin gritted his teeth:“You must tell Zhao Sikang about this。”
at the same time,The other side,When Zhao Sikang learned of this,,obviously,It’s completely incomprehensible。
all of these,Why it’s so good,Suddenly became like this?

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