Don’t you want to continue??”

Li Hui said that he stood up and slowly approached Xu Tianci.。
Seeing Li Hui’s close,Xu Tianci’s instinctive moved back。
“You will return it first.,I haven’t rested yet.。”
“You hurry with me, don’t give me three years.,Three years later you are free people,And I also give your drug addiction.,You don’t want to experience the feeling of life is not as good as death.?
You just need to promise me,I will not experience the feeling at all tomorrow.,And your body will be better than one day.。”
Li Hui Feng followed,Let Xu Tianci are also a little suspected。
He doesn’t believe that Li will be so good.,After all, since Li Hui’s back is back.,He has eaten a lot of money many times.,Every time I seem to make cheap,The result is soon a big reversal,It’s a matter of eating a big loss.。
“What benefits I have to give you three years??
Can’t let alone?
And do you with you, I can’t be a younger brother.,I want to be a boss。”
Looking at Xu Tianci to talk about the most hard tone,Li Hui Feng immediately did not hesitate to agree.。
“sure,I will call you Tianzhi brother in the future.,But what should I still listen to me?,And I don’t want to see that you still mix with Zhao, who is in the town.,Especially Zhao Youcai, he is Zhao Qingyou。”
Two big mixed in the town,Li Hui Feng, but remember。
Although I don’t know why I don’t know.,The other party did not come to find your own trouble,But he always has a feeling,The other party will not be so much.。
Xu Tianci did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually knew that he was related to Zhao, Zhao, the town.。
And his drug addiction is Zhao Youcai to teat。
At this moment, he suddenly smeared,Because the person who has made a plan to engage in Li’s wind is him.,And the other party also wants him to bring Li Hui with the wind.。
But now it is clear,Li Hui is more difficult to deal with more than one of them.。
If you are governed by those people, he follows Li Hui with the wind.,The consequences, he can’t think of it.。
Those people are completely nothing about how to get crowds.。
Zhao Qingyou not only has money, but also people,So much,He immediately has some。
“I can promise you not mix with them.,But you have to promise that I can’t say that I follow you.,Otherwise they will definitely let me die very ugly。”
“Can,I will give you this matter.,But do you also take some sincerity?,Let me know how they want to deal with me?
Don’t tell me, I don’t know.,If I have been dedicated by them,You will definitely be pulled together,Come again,I can’t help you.。”
“so,You are helping me now.,How about it,Do you want to tell me their plan??”
Xu Tianci listened to Li Hui’s words, and the other party should know some of his secrets.。
Otherwise, I will not ask these。
“They don’t actually have a good way to deal with you.,Nothing is to deal with your parents,As previously find someone to deal with you,The result was sent in.,So now you don’t want to provoke them.,They should not be difficult for you。”
Xu Tianci feels that it is the most correct,Because he is not there,There is no one in the event of a proposal to deal with Li Hui。
“hehe,Tianzhi brother is actually telling you the truth.,I am not afraid at all.,Just thinking how to know how they hurt me,Then I want to counterattack.,Now they don’t engage me,I feel some abnormalities.,However, since this is, since God, you said so.,Then I don’t want you.,In fact, the power behind me is more than they.,Otherwise, I will not have so much money to pay for the folks.,So Tianzhi brother,As long as you follow my dry,Absolutely not bad。”
Li Hui said this time, Xu Tianci is really trustworthy.,Because I have reasonable,Because he did feel that Li Pei’s wind is someone.,Otherwise, it is impossible to have more money.。

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