But anyone can look out,zooIt’s very comfortable now.,Extremely comfortable。

Crow,Things think about it can be happy,zooHow can it take advantage of it?。
Next way,The palace is not givenJDGopportunity,Let them have too many possible possible possible。
but,The most limit is like this。
then……At the time of the field15minute。
In the early stage,IGThere is no too much cheap。
At this time, the head is ratio,Yes4:6,IGYes4。
That look at it,Not only don’t get cheaper,IGInstead, I still suffer.。
Although this is alsoBPHave a loss,But the palace is clear,Blame all thingsBPSome are not very strong。
After all, this kind of thing……Unearthly。
Since it has happened,That can only work hard by yourself and your teammates.,Try to pull this gap。
Lower coating,JDGeatenIGThree-story,IGIt is eaten.JDGFour-story。
That look,IGPoor。And after the coating is falling off,JDGOne tower’s blood volume,It is also reasonable to fall to the step of rocking.。
ngObviously, it is very clear to capture this information.,Reminding teammates after the teammat。
Green steel shadow,It is coming directly to the direction of the road.。
While walking through the dragon pit,Xiaolong is also about30Refresh after seconds。
It can be said,Competery will occur next to this wave。
Decided not onlyJDGOne tower attribute,There is also these secondly refreshed Xiaolong’s property.。
The palace Qingwen heart is of course a good thing for this.,Eyes are slightly blinking,His eyes will then become firm。
In the field,At this time,Slowly become a sword。
One wave line is pushed by Casa and Mogana toJDGTower。
But there is no such war line to enter the tower,IGRear of the double group,That is, the road is close toIGAmong the grass of the defensive tower。
Suddenly lit up a blueTP,this iszooofTP!
JDGNot intendedIGOpportunity,They have been very cautious in the past。
In this wave,Choosing an active attack。
That isTPLight up,Not far from the body above the body,I also suddenly rose a shower point。
Subsequent,Moving speed becomes more exaggerated,FierceIGThe direction of the double group。
certainly,As a thought to open the groupIG,Natural reactions are not slow。
Almost in blue colorTPNot long after the brightness,A scarletTP,It’s also bright to enterJDGDefensive towerIGTroops。
Lower road in the triangle,ngAfter discovering,I can’t help but I can’t help my mother.。
This wave of premature imperative,JDGNot so easy to give up a tower and Xiaolong。
But he didn’t expect it.,So beforeJDG,Actually, this time will be as decisive.。
I can’t think too much.,ngI plan to directly rush to the position of my own way.。
but……Just when he is about to move。A arm with a ghost body,I walked from his eyes。
Thinking about a moment,ngI made a decision.。
Compared to now the road to support the front battlefield。Obvious,Block directlyJDGMore effective。
at the same time,Another blue-blueTP,Light up in the originalTPAmong the eyes of the same place。
This is EgateTP。
The Gario Trip is more powerful than him.,Before this wave of war,The last wave of the soldier line has been removed by the Cali。
then,Gario is directly disappeared from the road。

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