But then the Chu Deiren snorted,If the body is fast, if the ghost is difficult to distinguish between other people,Flying from one of Linping? arrive“battlefield”On the other side。

Speed fast,Even the god、People who don’t pay attention to him? Unclear, the deer is in a manner.,Still horizontally“battlefield”。
In the face of a disciple of Qingcheng,Chu Deirers are not going to reiterate——Raising two palms!
Suddenly, I will rush in front of Qingcheng disciple,I only feel that a soft power,Skating with yourself,Then there is no resistance,I was pushed back.。
Constant to the Qingcheng disciples,However, the Chu Deeman is just four times.,It is possible to push no one can go close.。
Yu Zhuhai is too urgent,Not very popular with disciples,Qingcheng young disciple martial arts universally,It is worse than the average of the Wuyue Sword,Several agents、Sound of martial arts,It was also added to the Chu Deirens.,I have turned back.。
At this time,Lin Ping has also thoroughly produced Yu Yuhai.,The sword is in front of him,The left hand has lived in its vest——Lin Ping’s internal force is not high,Not as good as Yu Yuhai,But in such a posture,Pitch、It is easy to discriminate,Never need to talk about the long sword of the neck!
“And slow!”
“Lin Shaoxia,冤 家 解 不 结……”
“Amitabha,Hey,Lin Show,At the beginning of the Welfare Dart,Poor also also on Qingcheng Mountain,Tell a long time to the house……”
“good,Law,It is indeed the rest of the house is not,Can you and……Next person,So aggressive,Instead, I will wait for it.!”
“Lin Shaoxia,You are Huashan School disciple,I don’t stay in Qingcheng.,I have thought about Huashan.?”
Many“witness”man of,Also began to have a reaction,Passed the voice of passers-by——Unfortunately, their sound work is not enough.。
But they just say,After all, the Chu Deirers are on the side.,Even if they don’t think,Chu Deirers can really block so many people,But your face is good and not saying.,South Muro can be on the side,It is obvious that there is no need for the meaning of the flower。
And Lin Ping also did not hesitate,There is no words of everyone,Go in your heart,Just whisper tells yourself:“father、mother,First hatred,Baby first reported!”
“Small animal、you……”
Yu Zhuhai is no longer called again,Has been in the power of Lin Ping,At the same time,Direct blood is high,Since the scene!
Zhongqing City Men,Hate to bite his teeth,However, Chu Deirers will directly carry the sound and open road.:“Duel is already!Who else wants to do?Chu!”
No one in one time。
One is that this is indeed“duel”,Yu Huahai he took the war post,Not to mention Lin Ping, this way is a revenge.,They nowaday,Get it on the rivers and lakes……
Two,It is also a word that is really being defeated by the Chu Deirers.,Some endometrics are uniform,At the same time,The situation is calm down,I didn’t take care of the head.。
“Qingcheng……Yongji Jin Daimi!”A Qingcheng, a Qingcheng,Put half a sentence,Conduct disciples to collect Yu Yuhai。
Lin Ping’s previous Chu Deirers,There is no need to worship your parents with people who want to use Yu Yuhai.——Calculating the hatred of Yu Yu and Lin Ping is the door、Heavy punishment is integrated with his parents,Directly kill Lin Zhennan parents,Wood peak!
Naturally“Worship”of,It is also the head of the wooden peak。
“Hahaha,alright, alright,Congratulations to Lin brothers,I want to come to the peak of the wood. How long does it take?……Just who said that I have to ask me to eat.?Early listening to Sichuan’s yafi meat hypertrophy,Help,We are going to Chengdu.、Still go to you?”
Chu deer changed the deployed hole,Very sumptuous agreed to invite……
Chapter 427 Whim
The Chu Deirers will eventually accept the banquet.,Leave Chengdu Prefecture……
Madam Kill-all、Tang Yun and so on,There is no banquet,Especially the former,Also threaten to give this matter to Yue Yue。
I don’t know what she is expected to react to Yue.——Chu Deirers really don’t believe,Yue does not participate because of Lin Ping,And what is dissatisfied with him!
Even if the Yue does not want to take the opportunity,You should also find other reasons。
After Lin Ping prepares north to Shangxinghan、Western western cool,That is to enter the country of Xixia。
Wooden peak,Western Summer One Pointe,Ustereast,Not like the sea is so good,However, go to Xixia to find a definitely correct ideas。
To kill the peak to revenge,Compared to find Yuhai Sea to revenge,As long as you don’t die,It is still more easy to make many。
After all, the wood peak is the Jianghu evil person.,Even if I was recruited by the Xixia court,Entering a dining hall,It is also destined to demonstrate the decent character of Western Martial Arts.,What reacts will not respond to Lin Ping’s revenge,I may even be ready to follow the foot.。
As for the evil person?
When is the evil party?……
And the wooden peak is in the plug,Audios have many,But the size of the Qingcheng is better to deal with。

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