Armani wear does finish on him,Table talents,Instrument hall。

But in the eyes of these etiquette,It is very general。
Have to know,Tonight but the youth Junjie and the rich people who participate in the semester here,I will not wear a brand at all.……Every one is to find the apparel design master.。
Miss these etiquette,This youth’s identity is only very general.。
The three people are in the summer and Luo Qianjin,And Luoqian Stone。
“Xiao Xiangzi。”Summer,One side,“You said……If those guys find me trouble,Do I want to eat them all over?。”
Luoqiao stone mouth,Eyelids,I can’t help but,Low sound angry, summer,“Don’t call me Xiao Xiangzi!Otherwise……”
“How?”Summer smiles。
“Me……Me,I am……”
Luoqiao, I have been half a day.,But I can’t say a word.。
Time,His parents have already been repeatedly,Don’t provoke summer,And after yesterday’s event,Luoqiao stone naturally realized that the summer is unreasonable.。
Since the three people left Luojia together,This guy is always a little bit,Direct the vomiting blood of Luoqiao Stone。
“Me……Ok,I have admitted to you.。”
Luoqiao stone clothing soft,“I call you a big brother.?”
“How to。”Summer is serious,Righteousness,“By generation,You are my big scorpion,You can mess with yourself.,How do you still succeed。”
Luoqian stone face is green。
You also know that Laozi is your big uncle.。
“Summer。”Next to Luo Qianjin blame。
“Good。”Summer helpless laugh,“Then I will call you a big fortune.。”
Luoqiao stone shape,Turn over,Poor Baba looks at Luo Qianjin,“Sister,Brother……”
See him,Luo Qianjin is not self-ban,Once again, the sleeves of the summer。
“Oh,Who let me be afraid of my wife?,Calculate it,The big nepher is a big meal.。”
Luoqiao stone put into a grateful look,He is now afraid of this guy.。
Several people talk while talking,Soon arrived in the wine hall。
Decoration in the hall,Extremely luxurious,Crystal chandelier falls fantasy,Many young people frequently,Chat。
When they come in,Naturally causing a attention of attention。
But very quickly,Immediately turn your eyes on Luo Qianjin。
Then……More and more eyes are condensed。
One time,Original hall,I am so stunning at this moment.。
It is a rush of Luo Qianjin too amazing.。
Some people are like this,No matter where you appear anywhere,Will make people pay very quickly。
The beautiful woman will always attract attention,But those women surpassing the best,Who will always be the focus of attention?。
No doubt,This time, Luo Qianjin is such a class.,Regardless of your posture or temperament,Even delicate faces,I don’t want people to know.。
Anti-Guanluo,Face a curious,Shock,Amaten,Burning eye,She didn’t have a tense,Gently hold the summer arm,The faint smile

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