The giant bear god showed a ferocious smile。The right paw suddenly got bigger,Slapped。

The real golden gun shadow runs directly through the furry bear paw。
“what?!”Cangfeng Wang’s face changed slightly,He was once the immortal king of the monster race,Good strength,Especially the frontal attack is strong。However, this blow went directly through his proud bear paw,Made him slightly injured。
of course,He can’t retreat because of this,Not to mention that the two companions around him are also the gods,Not to mention being the one controlled by the soul,Master’s command is everything,Can’t help his own judgment。
Looks somewhat similar to the jellyfish on earth,But there are only four tentacles,The body is also completely opaque【Tops】The four tentacles of the gods stretched out suddenly,As if it became obscured from the sky,Stabbed to the three clan。
And another humanoid god with feathers,Body feather detachment,Stabbed at the spoiler just now as if manipulating a mind weapon。
However, the combination of the three kings and gods did not play its due role,A sharp turn,The shadow of the gun directly penetrates the body of the Topp god,The powerful sharp breath penetrates every cell of its body,Then the power almost undiminished to attack the body surface of the king of the Yuling clan。
moment,Feather burst,Fly around。
“Yes‘Devil King’,Devil King of Human Race!”The face of the king of the Yuling clan changed drastically—-He was only recently controlled by the zerg god soul,As a member of the Yuling clan,,He has a deep understanding of some of the strong men who have recently emerged。
Human gods【Devil King】。The strength is suspected to be the peak of the king,Said it was suspicious,It’s because of the strength of his aura on the surface that he was awarded Hou Dingfeng to Fengwang Primary,But its strength,It was proved by a fight with another mechanical clan’s Feng Wang Feng。

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