Summer did not take her as a child,I said very seriously.,Turn and go out。

Two people leaving the small courtyard,Re-move to the central government。
In this way,Road meets a few luxury clothing stores and jewelry stores。
Summer is the owner to buy a quite expensive dress and jewelry。
Diwutto’s girl,Leading Wang Shengnan bathed,And carefully dressed。
Finally, she was held by the girl.,Wang Sheng Mon suddenly changed the appearance。
That hair is messy,The face is dirty,Little girls who have not folded clothes。
Instead, it is a small-fashionable girl.。
Her body is delicate,It looks only to seven or eight years old.,But the five senses on the face,Just like a delicate porcelain doll。
“Summer brother,In fact, don’t buy these……”
Wang Shengnan has a little joy,More is distressed,“This set of tens of thousands of coins?,and……And I usually deliberately……”
She already knows how to protect myself。
Next,In the summer, she will lead her to the direction of the positive discipline.。
Just as getting closer,Wang Shengnan’s look is obviously uncomfortable。
“What’s wrong?”
Asked in summer。
Wang Sheng male stands up,“Summer brother,You won’t want to find Linger’s sister.?”
“What Linger……Um?”
Summer original doubtful look,Immediately,Laugh,“I first followed me.,It seems that I am very rich,Is that the way you call Linger.?”
Wang Shengnan is sinking,Low voice,“Linger’s sister is a good person,It is also my only friend.,Summer brother,Don’t you blame her??”
“How to blame her?。”Summer laughing,“If it is not her,I am afraid that I will not meet you.。”
“Thank you, brother。”
Wang Shengnan’s mood becomes beautiful,Looking at the people around,“these years,I have been secretly selling things in front of major chambers and shops.,Other shop always rush me,Only the business will not,Later, I met Linger’s sister.,She is selling in the fifth floor,If you meet the money people,She will send it to the building personally.,Then I secretly inform me.,If your luck is good,Guests who have a good temper,Will buy something……”
Summer eyes are more soft,Seemingly appreciated,Pity。
NS3609 Liu Zhengtong
Summer is of course not looking for the trouble called Linger.。
He is coming to the positive business meeting to raise money.。
only,Still an underestimation of the intelligence capabilities of the positive business meeting。
A business spent 3 billion yuan,Even your eyes are not blusted。
For such a super big customer,How can I not pay attention?。
I have long spread the summer image throughout the chamber of the chamber.。
Just enter,Someone reported it。

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