“What are you talking?,Too much。”

Zhou Lao smiled and shook his head,“Then,Where can you go?,I dare to guarantee,South Palace will definitely increase your strength to reward you,500 cities……Um?”
Not finished,He stunned,Eyes gradually bright,“If you want to leave,There is a place http://www.fu1314.cn to go,It is the safest there。”
Summer is curious。
Zhoura Oly, spit three words,“God of God!”
“God of God?”
Summer,Brow,“The Temple of God is not the biggest force in the mainland of the Shenpu??
It is said that the five hundred cities are all established by the temple of God.。
That force also charged?”
“Ha ha。”
Zhouraio does not make a smile,“God of God,Not only the biggest force,It is also a giant city.。”
“Yes,do not you know?”
Zhourao is somewhat surprised,“I thought you know,The temple of God is the biggest and most mysterious force in the mainland of the world.,Five hundred urban ponds are also built in the temple of God,And the temple of God is a super huge giant city.,It is said that the city is,There is a legendary 谪 谪。”
He looks http://www.haiyangjx.cn straight to the summer,“Level and accomplishment on your refineries,The temple in God is never a problem,No one dares there to be there。”
He smiled again,“Important,Transmission array leading to the martial art,Just in the temple of God。
In fact,The temple of God is the center of Shenpu Island,The city is more than the city.,And very prosperous,The elite in the Shenpu continent also comes to this。”
Merely,He has a tea cup and has a bite.,Also,“certainly,More people will not dispute,Want to live inside,Very high condition,And the competition is very intense,But there is a small immortality,No one dares to trouble,If you encounter an uncomfortable dispute and private enmity,There is also a military field to solve private grievances.。”
Summer eyes have become bright,Quite a little。
He asked,“If I go,Be recognized,The http://www.zzchenyang.cn city owner there will not make me go out.。”
Zhourao Shuanglang laugh,“You are too small to see the temple of God.,You go there to live,Is the residents in the city,South Palace can rely on strength to threaten the city owner,But he is in front of the temple of God,Can’t you count?。”
He is positively,“And the vitality of the temple of God,It is also the most rich place in Shenpu Island.,It is also rich in the wild.,The benefits of cultivation are quite。”
Summer is in silence。
Half,He decided,“good,Then I will go to the temple of God.。”
NS3448chapter Giant city
Next day,Summer in this mountain range。
Finally, I finally chose a zone.,Start laying array。
Zhou Wei learned that he is going to leave,Unsolved。
But I also know that the temple to God is in the summer.,Is the best choice。
As for Zhouraio,In fact, there is also the ability to go to the temple of God.。
But he used to be a city owner.,I have taken the position,Some of the face can’t be hung up,So decided to stay in this hill practice。
Day from day to。

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