The buds have also met the quantum of the quantum running from the crack.,More than half on the road。

“If it is not the sound of hearing,We have to leave here.。”
“Can’t move forward,Nest there is very dangerous,Let’s go find a bud,The space here is broken.,I am afraid that there will be something will be attracted to the real world.。”Hanjiang patted the soave on the body,Rapid to find the position of the bud。
really,Dices representing the buds still behind him,Standing in place, don’t understand,Most fighters。
“I just pass the buds.,Let me talk about how you fall from the sky.,what happened?”
Found Hanjiang Nothing,Qi Ya’s curiosity came up.。
Chapter 538 confusion
Although Qi Yana looked at the gray face of Hanjiang,But still take a closer look, take the earth on the Han Jiangou.。
“You are too dirty.,I will go back to wash it later.,Can’t get it at all。”
The earth is either a water in the air, if it is a mud,Under the end of it is dry,But then you have to pass a layer of silt.。
Hanjiang moved to Qi Yana’s hand,Look at the distance:“I can’t manage so much now.,That old thing just walked,You and Baronia hurry back to Hubleyan,I am going to find a bud.。”
“The long-air market is torn so much mouth,The second god key is completely opened,There are too many variables.。”
“I do not care,I want to go to find a bud with you.。”
Bronia Yi can bombard a few pieces of quantum to the two people alert:“It’s not a long time.,Ji Ji Ji Miss teacher has made us a little speed.。”
“Shiberian encounters a lot of quantum shadow,The other two battleships have been prepared to begin withdrawal,We have not time.。”
“Don’t be naughty,There is no refugee in the current long-term city.,Your security is my most worried.,Obliterate。”
Han Jiang looked up at the crack in the sky,Polyae。
“I can’t leave。”Qi Yana is stubborn,Pointing the crack in the sky:“I can feel the fluctuation of that thing.,I think I think I can turn it off.。”
Han Jiang is out of mouth, it is refused,Close the crack caused by the second God’s key logo?What is joking?。
The sky is now a dead city now.,Even if you broke out, you have broken down.,Overflow and more collapse,It is impossible to affect ordinary people。
Even if it affects ordinary people,That Han Jiang also can’t let Qiana make this sacrifice!
Anyway, wait until heavenly people take the beacon of the second God’s key to,The crack left will slowly“heal”。
The troops of the poiny need to optimize the line outside the long-term city.,Don’t let the quantum of the quantum and the collapse of the beast.。
Realistic world with crack healing of the connection of the quantum sea,Quantum shadows This kind of creatures that can not live in real world will disappear.,Fundamentally do not bear the danger to take this insurance。
And don’t say Qiaa has the ability to completely digest the ability of the empty law,Turning off that big spatial crack consumes the power consumed to make Qi Yana。
“Han Jiang,Qi Yana。”Blonia suddenly came out:“Time is not too late.,Houburi and Hurgos also have the three battleships of Hermes will have a large number of quantum attacks.,We have to go back as soon as possible.。”
Han Jiang hardly grasped Qi Ya’s hands,Seriously say:“Qi Yana,Obedient,Listen to me, is it ok??Go back with Bronia,Help Kiz teacher guards three warships,Cracks I want to think,Ok??”
“I am really afraid that you will be injured.。”
Han Jiang hesitated,Squeeze this sentence from your mouth,Because in this case,Han Jiang’s fundamental protection does not reach Qi Ya’s Week。
Qi Ya Na is hard to refute,Looking up at the cracks on your eyes,Looking at Hanjiang’s face,Worry:“okay then,I and Baronia will go back to help Ji Auntie.,You have to bring the buds back,Be careful,Don’t get hurt。”
“Do not worry,I am not so weak.。”Hanjiang grinned in Qi Yana’s head。

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