Just like entering a vast void,Look at it,Can’t see the end,There is no way out。

He seems to come to another space,The old man, Gu Huai, etc., all disappeared in front of him.。
His hearts also become blurred,I am ignorant in this virtual environment.。
I only know the continuous advancement,Further advance。
But I can’t find the way out。
He seems to be in his own mind。
And at this time,A touch of stream is broken。
Summer looked up,I saw a pair of black and white Taiji maps in the void,Straight circulation black and white color。
Bamboo!A flash,Summer dreams。
The Taiji map in the void suddenly splits,Colored black and white,Special breath。
yin and http://www.kali-linux.cn yang!Taiji two instruments!Summer has no signs to live out this idea。
Next moment,Splitted yin and yang again change,Split the sun too yin Shaoyang Shaoyin……Four icons!Four elephants change。
Various patterns are connected together,Form a gossip score。
坤 巽 巽 艮 艮 兑……Actually made eight portals。
Summer will,Step-by-step,Don’t hesitate to enter the portal portal。
Next moment,All disappeared。
He suddenly woken up,Seeing that you are still sitting on the futon。
Summary is somewhat curious,Going to watch around。
I only see the high platform,Except for the old man,Zhou Quan and Lu Tong’s,It has emerged a layer of transparent junction.。
Not far from Goflord,Look at the look,not moving at all,Occasionally grin,Send a few stupid laughs。
Summer pupil,Thoroughly awake,The forehead has emerged as a http://www.youzhihuagui.cn fine cold sweat。
I just didn’t know how I didn’t know.。
He already realized,I can wake up myself.,It is inevitable is the specific situation of Tai Chi rouks in Dantian.。
suddenly,Gu Huai, who is playing the piano opposite, sinking,A string is broken。
Qinyin to discharge。
He raised his head,Summer that is still safe and sound。
Summer is also curious about him。
High platform,Zhou Quan and Lu Tong have been withdrawn,Working with a shocked look at summer。
They are http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn too clear that Gu Huai’s piano is very powerful.。
Not that there is more attack power,It is the extent of it.,It is also very jealous of them.。

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