“40%Equity,Although it is bare,But look at the people in the same way,I promise you。”The face of Sen Tianzi is exposed to the hardship。

“Thank you!”Zu Qinglong,Dongxing,Hong Hai three people。
“It is not easy to say,We will have a look now.。”Sen Tianwang is just:“The longer drag the time,More dangerous,When I arrived at the time。”
“it is good!”Zu Qinglong,The Dongxing has nodded,They low,It seems to be ignorant?。
When the Sen Tianwang went out,The ancestors have a few people follow,This tiger is even more arrogant。
Several people came to Lin Feng’s presidential suites。
Lin Feng is lying on the chair,Faceless,Like a dead,Liu Hao is standing on the side,It seems to take care of Lin Feng。
“King,Please。”Zu Qinglong pointed to Lin Feng Road。
“it is good!”Sen Tianwang’s mouth reveals a small smile,His figure came to Lin Feng’s,One hand caught the arm of Lin Feng。
“Sen Tianwang,You finally came!”Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes。
“you!”Sen Tianwang Bun,I feel the crisis between the moment,He wants the instinct to dodge。
But it is late.。
Lin Feng originally took a palm of the sofa to the Sen Tianwang,He has a golden ray in his palm.,Jin Guanghua is a red golden http://www.stjld.cn palm,It’s like gold casting.,With a horrible force。
NS162chapter 打 森 天王
Sen Tianwang mad,He demonstrated a high-income repair at this moment.,His body is like distorted,Instant reduction,It seems like spirit snakes。
unpredictable,And sweeping a terrible martial domain,This is a dark martial art,Destroy,Toxicity,This martial domain is terrible,Take the time when I avoid Lin Feng.。
There is also the power of the two roads.,The power of this two road is a knife,The person who shots is the ancestral dragon and Dongxing。
The injury in Dongxing last night has healed,Skill。
Dongxing hand holds a machete,This is the ice edge of Dongxing,Machete created with Xuan Tie,He practice is also a knife。
Dongxing’s knife is bloody,Kill,With destruction,Simple and fast,Show the true meaning of killing。
And the http://www.soubisai.cn ancestral dragon’s knife is more with an art,Also fierce,But the composition of the art,This is related to the occupation of the ancestral dragon。
The two terrible knives are directly lying on the martial arts of Sen Tianwang.,Martial arts collapse。
Sen Tianwang screamed,Be full of blood,If he is not the same moment, Lin Feng’s golden palm is also awkward on the chest of Senka.,Sen Tianwang’s whole person was slammed out.,Heavy impact on the wall。
The walls are hit by cracks,Then the body fell on the ground,Blush,He was completely defeated,Can only lying on the ground to vomiting blood,Even the strength of the climb is gone.。
“This……This!”Tiger’s face is pale,Leg shaking,Lin Feng actually takes into the semi-step martial art.,Nothing,Dongxing also enters this realm.。
“Dongxing,Recruit http://www.yblqianjia.cn tiger,There are several money on the tiger.,Let’s help him manage it.。”Lin Feng looked at the army。
“Hey-hey,it is good!”Dongxing smiled and went to the Tiger Road:“Tiger brother,Let’s go out。”
“Gamble!”Tiger is hurried to squat on the ground:“I am absolutely loyal to gamble.。”
“Pull out。”Lin Feng Road。
“Let it go,Tiger brother,Flood,piece。”Dongxing took the shoulderway of Honghai。
“go,Let’s go out and tag and talk.。”Hong Hai also smiled and went out,This tiger is straight to sweat,I have gone out。
Lin Feng squatted down and looked at Sen Tianwang Road.:“Sen Tianwang,You are too big.,Lose to me,Actually in the dark medicine in the medicine?”
“Humph!”Sen Tianwang cold:“Lin Feng,Put me,Otherwise, you will be extinct from the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.!”
“Dragonflied Dragon Chamber of Commerce?”Lin Feng stood up,Suddenly between the foot of the cold road:“Do you have this strength??”
Sen Tianwang issued a sound of the smashing,His lungs are blown,who is he?He is the side of Southeast Asian,In the Southeast Asian youth generations are also the existence of the arrogance。

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