“Some people come。”

Xiao Zheng girl sighed gently,I hope they come,I feel a headache。
This is a wheel battle against her。
Zhou went to her“nice weather today,Is it not enough?,Take advantage of the sun,Let’s go to the opposite side.?”
“Be very tired。”Zheng Yu-blue voice is very light。
“Nan Ge loves to suffer。”Zhou Zhiwei to see Nan Ge,“Nan Ge, what do you say??”
“Are you stupid??”Nan Ge asked。
“She is not opposed。”Zhou Zhi Zheng Zhengfu。
“All right。”
Xiao Zheng girl nod agglomerate,Then she took the left and http://www.superca.cn sides.,Distinguish the direction,It is pointed to the depth of the clouds on the right.“This time I don’t go to the opposite cut.,The tree on the other is just growing up.。Do you have a pine forest on the road??Listening and talking,There are a lot of dead trees,I want to get them back very much ago.。”
Zhou,Holding her arms,Tight a little more“Poor。”
Xiao Zheng girl face slightly red,Soon again“There is a cypress tree over there.,Go again to cypress branches back,Sausage。”
“Why don’t you use pine trees and poplar??”槐。
“Bai branch is good。”Zheng Yuzi。
“why?”槐 is curious。
“do not know……”Zheng Yishue shook his head,“Everyone uses cypress branches。”
“嘎,It is also a fool.。”槐 点 点,Got your own satisfaction,He is not tangled on this issue.,Continue to look at the far side。
“槐,You http://www.yupinsilk.cn don’t care about him。”Circumference。
“……”Zheng Yulan quietly aimed at the segumentation,Seeing the sequence is still looking forward to the distance,It seems that there is no words, I haven’t heard the circumstances.,But afraid of being discovered by 槐,She still returns the attention,“Then let’s go now.,A little water,Be afraid of thirsty。”
“槐 序,No need to bring。”
“I forgot……”
“Let it go。”
The group will take the rope.。
Meet the old gray and small circle on the road,Meet the star back and the season,Ask what they do to do,I heard that they went to cut wood.,Old gray and small circle beat chest to help,The two old rivers and lakes in the star back and the season are purely, and it is nothing to do.,So the team is more and more。
“Your ax is dull。”Small round pace is very fast,To follow the rhythm of http://www.ks-terminals.cn walking,Touching the ax, he is not helpful,“Can you hack??”
“This is just a decoration,Entertainment tools used to find chopping。”Turn around,“In fact, we don’t have to cut it.。”
“Just oh!”Small round a big head。
“The small round, you have not seen a group of people today.~~”The sound of the group was transmitted on the shoulders,Gently fine,With a faint taste。
“I have seen a group。”
People are always lively。
The pine forest is not close to Zheng Yuki.,Look at,In fact, there are several miles away.,But there is only a lot of dead trees that can only be cut in it.,Another Chai Earth is in a trimming period,The remaining places have never died, Zheng Yu, is reluctant.,Have to leave。
Sunlight,Songlin Zhongguangdo,Light is not good,Located on the ground thickness,Have dried,Stepping up with a slight sound。
In addition, there are still many pine cones.。
Really have a lot of dry trees。

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