Middle-aged people,no answer,Slightly,“Thank you Duyong。”

Say,Turned out。
However, at this time,A touch of sound。
“Else,I will send you to the road.。”
Middle-aged people,next moment,Pupil suddenly concrete。
The stairway went to a http://www.yqytly.cn face of a faceful youth。
Do not,Not going。
It is a very fast residue flashing in the retina.,Until the middle-aged person,That remnant gradually disappeared。
Middle-aged people don’t want to,Turkish blood,Rapid waving。
His reaction is very fast,faster,Fast basics can’t see the action,There is only one track in flashing。
Air is like a blown,啵啵 啵啵 啵 啵。
next moment,The two body images are the tabs entangled together,Close up small,Quick attack。
Pocket,Actually a tone of the metal plate。
Middle-aged people are incredible to look at the opposite youth,The heart has set off a stormy waves。
He also saw the opponent’s appearance,Just a strange face that has never seen before,I want to open a drink,Face is suddenly changed。
I saw that the other party slammed a pound,Bronks http://www.ruihejade.cn and legs blow a harsh slip,Lightning。
A intensive voice is like a spontant,Middle-aged hand is busy,Unrest,But if so,Shoulders and lower abdomen are also slammed。
The other party is too fierce and strong,Especially speed,The war is already a middle-aged person in the peak of the sky.,Not only doesn’t have time,Even the speed of the other party。
When he just avoided a punch,The other’s fists have become a knife。
And this knife actually took a distorted waver in the air in the air.,Found,A turbulent shrinkage,Vain。
“not good。”
Middle-aged secret,Extremely dangerous premonition,The shadow of death suddenly flashed。
He wants to do not want to,Stomach。
but,Still late。
He suddenly felt that the left shoulder came from the cone pain.,I seem to have a force that cannot be specifically,Extremely roughly destroyed your flesh。
Follow,This strength is like a knife, usually spread in his left arm.。
Until this time,The crisp bone cracked。
Not completed。
It’s another 噼噼噼噼 啪 声。
Connected brittle bones。

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