“Just where this nine island?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。

“have no idea,In fact, though we believe http://www.njllm.cn in the land of Jiujing,But after all, no one has seen it.。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“Maybe not rule out this is a place that an world is imagined.。”
“What you mean may be illusory existence?”Lin Feng heard and laughing:“Don’t you still say it??”
“We believe that there is something,That is not necessarily,For example, you believe in the existence,Do you have any existence??”Evil turtles spit out a few words。
“It also makes sense。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This three flavor is passing through the existence of nine。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“But appeared in a star,So people feel strange。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng nodded:“But then I will go to quench the Yuanyuan.,This is a good place,I can’t wait,People in the seven continental four people now sacrifice the soldiers,If it is completely awesome,I will wait for being hit.。”
“wipe,Unfortunately, we have no soldiers.,Can’t use the soldier。”Golden big python spit out a few words。
“day!”Tiger king is also depressed。
In fact, the golden big python and the tiger king are very powerful.,At least the cold and cold,It’s just that both guys have no soldiers.,The two guys who cannot use human gods.,Can only use ban,Just the power consumption of the ban is terrible。
“I am also wondering this,In addition to that of the Zhuzhu sword,There is also the golden dragon, your rupture,Others have never seen the soldiers you can use.。”Lin Feng Road。
“forget it。”Golden big python spit out a few words。
“In short, you are now very dangerous now.。”Tiger King spit a few words:“Want to cultivate difficult!”
“Don’t try how to know?Anyway, my Yuan god is strong.,This is the Xuanwu,Don’t not serve。”Lin Feng said with a smile。
“indeed,You were blown up so much among the stars.,After returning, there is a lot of loss.,Now Yuan God is nothing.,Your recovery should be amazing。”Evil turtle。
“All right,I will study this phoenix first.,When the dawn, the Tiger Wang accompanied me to the Empire.。”Lin Feng looked at the Tiger Wang smile:“Your welfare is coming。”
NS1005chapter Terror Phoenix
“What kind of welfare?”Tiger King draws a few words。
“You looked at the mother of the Empire.?”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Last time, we didn’t scream the hills of the gods.,This time we can enter it directly.,The mother of the man is brought back if you have a book.。”
“it is good,This emperor this time。”Tiger King draws a few words:“Bring her back to Dusi。”
“wipe,The http://www.cl10086.cn spring of the tiger king came,But be careful,Don’t be killed。”Golden big python draws a few words,Then I lost it directly into the water and disappeared.。
Tiger King does not pay attention to the golden big snake,Then staring at Lin Feng Road:“Exuberant,Don’t burn your own Yuan God.。”
“This knows this。”Lin Feng smiled and came to the Phoenix.,Pick up the body of Phoenix directly to the secluded situation of the lakeside。
His figure is sitting,Looking at this Phoenix Lin Fengqi Denger,His Yuan god flew out,Just between the moment of Yuan God flying out,But I feel that I can’t imagine hot power.,This hot power is delivered from the phoenix.。
Or it’s a Phoenix time to pass this power,Just before Lin Feng didn’t feel it.。
At this moment, there is between the moment of Lin Fengyuan.。
This hot feeling is very http://www.yifanhuashi.cn obvious,It’s like a mortal sitting like the edge of the stove.。
“I rubbed,Such hot!”Lin Feng said a sentence,not only that,Lin Feng also touched the vastness of the mighty,Powerful will,This kind of feast is like a thousand hammer.,Unshakeable。
Unable to shake。
Be terrible。
“Definite horror。”Lin Feng looked at this phoenix muttered,I don’t care about the Phoenix in the nine-day realm.。
After death,Also maintained a strong prectious,Let the general power of the enemy dare not,Otherwise, it will fall in a tragic death.。
He controls his own Yuanshen slowly close to this Phoenix body.。
Suddenly feel painful,It is like a living like a living.,Even the Yuan god is contaminated with a flame。

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