“About immortals,May still have other methods,I will ask later.,Still try to ensure the blood of Yushusi”Spring said。

First immortal,They are all formed by the branches of the coastal wood blending their holy tree.。
And ten tails are similar to the holy tree。
Is that or can also blend a part of the formation of a fairy?。
Although it is violent,But the ten tails have also have the power of the yin and yang five elements.,The benefits of them are also very big.。
And the two also have a round look,It should be no problem with the power of the ten tail.!
As for Ning,Springs can say sorry。
He didn’t expect to have this out.,Besides, his body is destroyed.,I can’t accept the transformation of ten tails.。
And the ten tails can not make people evolve the fairy.。
After that, the spring is ready to ask me.,Take the power of ten tails,Also need her consent,This is indicated by the contract。
“sorry to bother you,Spring,Mainly, I and Sasuo, I’m left.,I care about this”I am sorry to say。
“Understand,But do you also find someone to get married?”Spring is smiling and said。
After that, the spring left here.,Go to the moon,He is planning to understand the situation first.。
Otherwise, the blood of the spring is not everywhere.,That’s awkward。
“Oh,Your thoughts are very interesting,The general coefficient wood will have a fairy body,Get part of the ten tail,No one thinks”Huiji wants to say。
“And the strength of the ten tail is too violent,It is impossible to succeed that there is no need to be successful.,But the benefits are also big,Can master the strength of the yin and yang five elements”
“This is assured,They have two eyes.”Spring smiles。
“I am not too much opinion.,The soul of the feather reserve can greatly powerful ten tails,Separate a part of the problem is not big,As soon, I don’t know if I can achieve it.”Brilliant night。
She is not fast to expand the power in the mean,This is exactly what she needs.。
Spring has recognized the power of the big cadre,The more your helper, the better。
As long as the soul is enough,They can cultivate a lot of war,To face the threat of the big cylinder home。
And now,This world can still support so many people,And their practice is different from the coastal wood family.。
They are more intedicated,It is not high in the needs of this source.。
“Thank you,This matter is waiting for their immortal cultivation.,You http://www.ntglmall.cn can also enhance their strength in one time.”Spring said。
“certainly,But I also have conditions.”Brilliant night。
“Please say”Spring said。
“Come out,House”Brilliant night。
Spring is looking at one side,He has long known that the people are there.。
“The people are also quite excellent,But his white eyes are not pure,There is no hope for evolution of reincarnation”Brilliant night。
After the people came out, they gave a gift in Springs.。
Spring nodded。
“The meaning of the night is meaningful。。。。”
“I want him to learn.,Ninja’s practice,Xianke is necessary,Sports,He wants to learn your breathing”Brilliant night。
“Breathing??Can,But this requires great perseverance,And hard cultivation”Quan Yi wants to think about it.。
He knows what the night may find out。
“Thank you Quan Qi.”http://www.sxhyxlh.cnThe posture of the people is very low。
“You are welcome,Sports are also a powerful force,Not worthy of the origin,I hope you work more”Spring smiles。

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