Puding County East and Western Collaboration, Help Help Communication Conference

On the morning of November 9th, the Puding County East and Western collaboration has been held in the construction of the Painful Help Center for Heliers and Hard Medicine Hospital, marking the official launch of the raster center construction work in the county Chinese medicine hospital, the county party committee, deputy county magistrate, Yuezhang collaboration Zhang Zhiming, a member of the Working Group of the Work Team Anshun, Zhang Zhiming, a deputy magistrate Roewei, and Zhang Kaiping, Chairman Anshun’s Chest Pain Center, attended the meeting.

Guangzhou Help Working Group, the leaders of the County Chinese Medicine Hospital, the mid-level cadres, the administrative logistics personnel, the township health centers, and related units participated in the meeting. At the meeting, the county Chinese medicine hospital and collaboration unit signed a collaborative agreement, attending the leaders of the General Assembly, gave the township hospitals and community collaboration units, Luo Wei announced the construction of chest pain center in the county Chinese medicine hospital officially launched. Luo Wei pointed out that the construction of chest pain center in the county Chinese medicine hospital is a major event in the development of medical and health care in Puping County, and the official launch of happy events and construction work will drive the county’s chest pain treatment and then put a new level. Collaborative medical help work renewing new chapters.

I hope that the County Chinese Medicine Hospital has strengthened learning, promoting the hospital’s clinical practice, and medical management to standardize, and systematically. At the same time, we must strictly strictly thoracotize the central construction standards, and earnestly open a first-aid life green channel for chest pain.

Zhang Zhi Ming said that Huadu District helps team will give strong support and help for the management of hospital management, talent training, academic exchange, discipline construction, and give full play to the advantages of the eastern medical resources and share the advantages and resource sharing. The way, jointly make efforts to improve the health health level of local people. I hope that the Popula County Chinese Medicine Hospital will integrate hospital advantage resources, work together in the future work, pioneering and innovating, based on discipline, central construction as a handle, improve medical quality and diagnosis and treatment level, and strive to complete the certification work of chest pain center, striving for three A Hospital, better serve the masses.

After the start of the startup, Guangzhou Chest Center Experts Li Xuzhou conducted a special lecture for participants in the participants. (Vibrant Copular) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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