RCEP Economic and Trade Cooperation Industry Summit Hold in Nanning

Forum activity scene.

People’s Daily Network Peng Yuanhe photo Peng Yuanhe Jin Jin Forum With "shared new opportunities, welcome new development, common innovation", including regional economic integration under the RCEP framework, RCEP boost industry chain supply chain integration development two topics. In the gallop, the guests will recommend the promotion of regional economic and trade cooperation exchanges, and they are expected to expand and deepen RCEP cooperation, inclusion, effective and efficient implementation RCEP protocol, and jointly promote the development of related industries, and open a new chapter of economic and trade relations.

In the topic speech link, the guests have more open, more convenient development environments around RCEP, how to deepen industrial cooperation, depth integration into regional industrial chain, supply chain, value chain reconstruction, high-end dialogue and in-depth exchange . To discuss the positive impact of RCEP to the country’s economic and trade development in the domain, and how to strengthen industrial docking cooperation in the regional open market, and help enterprises into the dynamic adjustment of industrial chain supply chain to achieve high quality development, and the common expectations of RCEP will take effect as soon as possible. On the forum, the RCEP Member States Association jointly issued the "Nanning Initiative on the Association of RCEP Acceleration Implementation".

It is reported that this forum is jointly hosted by the ASEAN Secretariat, the Chinese National Industrial and Commerce Association, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People’s Government Held, RCEP State Conference, Co-commerce Association, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Industry and Commerce, China-ASEAN Expo The Secretariat is implemented in particular.

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