"7 days can whiten"? Net red whitening teeth stickers reliable?

Many years of yellow teeth, as long as the 7-day beauty teeth can change a big white tooth? In the network sales platform, this class is known for the beauty of the beautiful tooth artifact, and many beautiful makeup owners, and the aesthetics have also "Amway".

But is it really effective? Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that there is not only no effect after consumers have called, but also have symptoms such as diasic acid, black gums, shrinkage. In this regard, the dentist said that the whitening of such products is mainly achieved by peroxide, but the content of this substance does not have industry standards. If the concentration is controlled below 10%, the bleaching effect is flat; if the adventure increases concentration, Damage gums soft tissue.

It is recommended that consumers first evaluate and screen for the teeth, do not blindly use it.

The net red and beautiful teeth of the star "back book" can be effective for 7 days? The 7-day beautiful teeth artifacts are hot on the Internet, including some stars’ "back book" products. Bei Yanyuan saw on the e-commerce platform, this kind of beautiful tooth artifact per box price is 30 yuan to 220 yuan, and there are still many stores in the sale of "Star Time recommendations" and other recommendations.

Beiqing reporters noted that Shuke, Jiajiesee gradually became net red products due to high sales, and the two brands also mounted the top two of the "high-end teeth whitening", which was set as "preferred pointers", " Popularity. " In an e-commerce platform display window, these two whitening teeth, the price is one or two hundred yuan per box.

Although the price is not low, the sales can be considerable, the Shu Guan monthly sales have shown more than 10,000, and the monthly sales of Jiajie whitening is more than 6000. In the comment area, there are buyers feedback, the macula on the teeth is really weak, and some people say that the teeth do have two chromatics. However, some people said that although there are some effects, they have not shown it in advertising.

Some people with sensitive teeth did not turn white immediate results, simple operation, there is a red star recommended network products really attract a lot of fans eager.

A graduate of a university in Beijing month about her experience with the after Beiqing Bao reporter.

During last year’s winter vacation, by making the final choice of the Raiders Crest whitening strips. She impressed that the product is not very expensive, you start with a 28.

Beginning a day, 40 minutes a time, one behind every other day, are in strict accordance with the operation. Monthly learned from the comments of friends, with this tooth paste tooth acid may even damage the enamel. For the principle of whitening month he speculated that, "because if the teeth to be white, then certainly put out a tooth that layer of protective film to etching away a little of it." And customer service also told she explained, "they do not stick to the gums on the line." It has been psychologically prepared for this month and intends If the tooth was acid, to stop using.

Fortunately, the teeth are adverse reactions did not occur, but posted more than ten days, and there is no effect. With a different month, a small seven follow the instructions to adhere to a week later, not only did white teeth also become sensitive, "tooth paste feel very uncomfortable, when said product is 7 days effective, but not effective, the second 7-day no longer insist are posted every day, not as an electric toothbrush good effect.

"Xiao Qi describe like eating a lot of things feel after the acid, the teeth were soft yet astringent.

Beiqing Bao reporter also noted that consumer complaints service platform black cat, there are many complaints posted posts related to teeth whitening.

Among them, 2020 December 26, there are users complained that gingival recession after use off brand Shu Mei tooth paste, tooth sensitivity symptoms.

The friends said, was because the trust anchor recommendation to buy, businesses did not label the product can cause injury to the gums, when contact customer service did not directly answer, saying only that the goods are safety signs.

What customer service posted the active ingredient of teeth whitening whitening strips vague active ingredient in the end is? Is there a whitening effect? What are the side effects exist? In this regard Beiqing Bao reporter consulted a customer service shop in which seven of the sale of whitening strips.

They were called about a week to be effective, but the reporter did not see the introduction of active ingredients and related content and merchandise display marked map and details page, and customer service are this explanation also vague. Shu passenger customer service which revealed that the main component of product hydrogen peroxide content was%; however Crest customer places an exclusive formula has been tested and so refused to provide security. It is noteworthy that, Shu off two brands customer service admitted that the product can lead to tooth acid reaction, but they are guaranteed not to damage the teeth, the product is safe and effective, and claimed seven days can be effective, but children, pregnant women is not recommended .

Peroxide concentration reaches 10% of the people is the key to being respected whitening tooth paste What is the principle? Or need teeth whitening? In this regard, deputy director of the Hubei Xiaogan Central Hospital physician Xu Yonggang Beiqing Bao told reporters, whitening strips principle is similar to the use of peroxide decomposition of the tooth surface pigment whitening, and dental "whitening" principle, but the effect produced the gap is great.

Compared to "whitening", in a low concentration of peroxide tooth paste, tooth yellow endogenous substantially ineffective, the effect of exogenous yellow teeth have great selectivity, so that the network user feedback, effective and ineffective two kinds of voices are great. "Dentistry ‘whitening’ is the technical parameters and indicators, non dentistry as a civilian and not indicators." Xu Yonggang said that such bleach products there is no industry standard, but there are still some Achilles heel, such as peroxide concentration was controlled below 10%, the bleaching effect is mediocre; if higher concentrations of adventure, is easy to damage the gums and soft tissue. There are some indications choice, high angle dental pulp likely to injure the nerve of the tooth; gum recession or tooth hypersensitivity in patients easier for the original symptoms.

"Even with whitening effect, even less than a year, the basic will rebound.

"He stressed that the various domestic brand-name tooth paste endless hype celebrity endorsements, and some are not using peroxide, there are many products PH acidic, there is no rigorous experimental verification, it is not recommended.

Text / reporter intern Chen Yinxia Song Xia Yang Yang remind the business to exaggerate the role of dental injury risk to be alert to Capital Medical University, Beijing Luhe hospital dental physician Woo said, even if the consumer font products require ingredient labeling and content of products otherwise, it is illegal.

Teeth Whitening need to use under the guidance of professional doctors, because of discoloration of the teeth are not the same, specific assessment, choose the most appropriate method requires, "exaggerated the role, is false advertising. Effect on the human body or something needs professionals professional organizations, the expertise to deal with professional equipment.

"Xu Yonggang introduced, said many people in the eyes of yellow teeth tend to one heart. In fact, most of the yellow teeth are normal yellowish without whitening.

Some non-medical way teeth whitening is no difference in the use of advertising and marketing were induction ceremony for all people, some pit teeth, some of which are money pits. Whitening effect exaggerated his best, made no mention of the risk of dental injury, and has been flooded. What professional dental whitening methods that have, whether these must be better than fly it? In this regard, Xu Yonggang think, do not fly fly is a relative concept, dental whitening the most critical is that it can be selected for the crowd.

It is necessary to make effective whitening effect, otherwise the patient will not spend money Renzhang of; but also to prevent damage to the mouth, otherwise they will be smashed signs. Since the two prerequisite conditions, dental teeth whitening must first assess the situation and screening, so many people go to dental whitening requirements, will be directly rejected, which is a manifestation of self-regulation and industry standards, completely different from the various whitening products the indiscriminate use of abuse.

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