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  "The wonderful exception is expected," December 12 Just ended 2021 China International Rail Transit and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo. As the China Trade Promotion, the Hunan Provincial Government jointly hosted by the industry’s only national international professional exhibition, the scale, influence and achievements of "Travel Expo" exceeded the previous province, and became the new journey of the whole province and centered new The vivid portrayal of the highlands. The grand occasion is unprecedented, and the good play is fast, come and take pictures! "In the outdoor display area of ??the track fair, a blue-colored railway vehicle, which has a full streamlined contour, crystal cutting type rail vehicle, People stop visiting and competing. This is the newly developed launch of the world’s first largest tourism train by Zhongxingzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., tailored to Yunnan Lijiang. The country’s first smartphone and unloading system, mine cart driver system, laser cleaning equipment, smart locomotive inspection robot, etc. Let "Made in China" attract domestic and foreign eyes. This is a high-end manufacturing event, showing new products; it is a professional industry event, and all kinds of activities are exciting.

  In the case of strict control of the epidemic, 16 countries and regions from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and the regiments of the Merchant Association, of which 20 were the business associations.

  1 subject activity, 6 special events, 10 market-wide supporting activities, each event is full, and there are still many people to watch.

Six academicians, 19 well-known experts, and influential entrepreneurs in the fields of industries explore new trends in the development of rail transit industry and the new path of exchange industry innovation.

  The "Track Fair" online launch has attracted more than 800 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, and the number of companies has increased by approximately 1 times higher than the previous session. Among them, 228 exhibitors, including 29 internationally renowned companies from Germany, the United States, France, Sweden, China Middle Car, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry, Baowu Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Heavy Industry and other 10 world 500 companies. A 4-day exhibition, more than 60,000 lines of exhibition, which increased by approximately 1 to the previous session. Industrial cooperation, open development December 8 Emb.00 morning, Myanmar, Thailand, South Korea, France, Netherlands and other countries and regions of China, the delegation of the business association, the latest "Zhuzhou intelligence track" into "track fair "Venue, experience international leading rail transit technology."

  The smart trains appears to have a tram, but there is no rail, driven in the urban area, such as the "subway" of the road, smooth and comfortable. Let the ambassador "praise" Zhuzhou intelligence track is one of the highlights of the development of the Hunan Rail Transit Industry.

  From the "Renaissance" high-speed rail train group on the "World Rohe" Qinghai-Tibet Plate, from the Monterey Subway Light Rail, Mexico to the EMU, Austria, Czech Republic, from the rail transit from Hunan The product shines around the world and become a "gold business card" to overseas "manufacturing". Zhuzhou, known as "China Electric Locomotive", is the world’s largest, stronger, technical leading rail transit manufacturing base. Exhibition as the media.

This fair built a new international trade exchange platform, 70 of our province issued rail transit and equipment manufacturing industrial investment project, total investment billion yuan; 636 financing projects in Hunan Provincial Rail Transit Industry, financing demand Dollar.

  The three host enterprises such as the three municipal government departments of Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou and Zhuzhou, and the main enterprise of Zhuzhou main units intended to purchase 1. Huawei Company, the SMB plant signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changsha Rail Transit Group, respectively.

Top Top Equipment Manufacturing Production Headquarters Base, high-speed permanent magnet motor, etc. 23 project signed (including 2 strategic cooperation agreements), total signing amount billion yuan. Cross the mountain sea, they have chosen China Rail Transit.

The Argentine Production Development has released the "Argentina – China Railway Investment Cooperation Program" on the "Track Expo".

Miao Danpe, ambassador to China, said that China has the world’s largest railway network, high-speed rail technology is very advanced, not only connects to all domestic provinces, but also connect abroad, I hope that China can promote successful experience to other countries. Beijing Zhongguancun Rail Transit Industry Development Co., Ltd. is one of the exhibitors. After visiting the enterprise, the company’s industrial development department and other enterprises, Jiang Junpeng, director of the company’s industrial development department, said that Zhuzhou rail transit has a good industrial foundation, Beijing has many new materials, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and other fields. Quality enterprises, plans to bring a group of companies to come over next month, and carry out special docking with Zhuzhou enterprises.

  Innovation, continuing "Xiang" Testament "Travel Expo" has exceeded 4.6 million related terms in search engines. Wang Tingkai, the Standing Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, said: "The effect is far more than expected." The effect is far more than expected, it is to experience the test of the epidemic prevention and control, short-term preparation, non-professional venue.

  The maximum pressure comes from epidemic prevention and control. Wang Tingkai introduced that Zhuzhou City took a strict measures to tighten the "pocket", and eight free nucleic acid detection points were set up in the station hotel, and there were 8 free nucleic acid detection points for free to carry out nucleic acid detection of 17620. During the "Track Fair", all exhibitors must check the "two yards" and 48 hours of nucleic acid results, the venue setting 5 minus points, logistics, and traffic are strictly controlled.

  "China International Rail Transit and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo will have long settled in Hunan, Hunan and the national rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry to welcome the new opportunity." Wu Demotian, vice president of Hunan Provincial Trade Conceiver, has prepared for two consecutive participation track fairs. Based on the previous session, this exposition realized the breakthrough introduced by international resources. The first set of host countries have invited the UAE to be the host country of the Expo; introducing an internationally renowned exhibition company, using its global network to invest more international Element.

  The "Travel Expo" started the online fair, using the "Trade Proto Yun Show" platform and Hunan SMEs International Business Service Platform (EHN), and enhanced customers’ experience and participation in VR technology. To provide online participation, commercial pairing, brand marketing, etc.

  Innovation, this "track fair" won huge influence and effectiveness, many companies have applied for the next session to the organizing committee, and hopes to expand the booth area. "The day of the closing of this year is the next startup." Hunan Provincial Trade Promotion Party Secretary, President He Jian revealed that the 3rd China International Rail Transit and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo will be held in November 2023, continue to meet Zhuzhou .

  "Exhibition in the open concept will promote cooperation with the means of the exhibition." He Jian said that the next fair will deepen the exhibition + trade, exhibition + forum, exhibition + talent, exhibition + finance, etc., to elongate the exhibition industry chain, From survey and design to construction construction, from the whole vehicle to maintenance services, create an industry’s sought after, international first-class industry event. (Reporter Cao Wei Xie Zhuofang) (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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