Realistic theme anti-corruption "breakout" to end the people under an economic tide

Original title: An economic tide of the people’s heart breaks 45 episodes, the subject of anti-corrup drama "breakout", the evening is closed. Until the end, "breakout" still does not open the plot of the biggest, only the people who open the biggest, this anti-corruption big drama is like a passionate chess game, and it can see the whole picture when it ends. "Breakout" opens, "Tibet", with a whole episode "", the audience – Qi Benan’s STT, Fan Jiahui’s words, the 红 扈 扈 扈 扈 扈 不 不 不 混 混 不 混 混, 不All character character and character relationship in the play are all displaced.

Until the finale, then look at the "misplaced" started with the story, in order to felt the absurd feelings of the twisted environment, especially Lin Minsheng people in public to Qi Ben’an "Going home," the seemingly big brother’s ridiculous and Squeeze, it turned out to be the degree of taming of him before Xi Benan Flying.

  In this chess game, Qi Bimen and Shi’urb were regarded by Lin Manjiang as a piece of chess on their chessboard, but they came out of the destiny and indulgent curve.

The stone will not be stupid in "breakout", but she has not doubtful and self-deception. Whether in the notebook, I will remember Lin Minsheng, or in the end of the anger, I can see her subconscious. Self.

Qi Ben Anchi is questioned, but she can’t teach her "living for himself." The fate of the stone will not escape character.

Before dying, there was such a feeling of emotion: they are all masters of layout. You may have to think about it. Waiting for you to understand, just throw you one person at the platform, the Times train has flying Over.

  The "breakout" said that the breakthrough of a group of people under the economic tide: Shi Anta is attached to others, and Li Shun Dong will leave his life in order to start a business in 200,000 yuan, and Qin Xiaong is impulsive. I can’t stop the career dust, Qian Rongcheng lost his life on the running wheel of the capital. This is the breakthrough of the work. They have the ideals of struggle, love ideals, professional ideals, and industrial ideals, not necessarily. Can reach the ideal side, in the tide of the era of the wind, some people succeed, someone fails, some people smash.

When I watched TV drama, the words of Qi Ben Animu said that the wife of the wife Fan Hui Hui said that she was deep: see this era, the current situation is changing, the world is changing, every person is changing, so life has a new choice, and choices It is necessary to have a good job. The play of Pedan and land construction in the drama, the "cadre reverse elimination", the vividness of the "barbarian" Fu Changming, the "barbarian" Fu Changming, the opponent’s "Barbaria", is a sketch of the era. The most complex roles of "breakout" in compared with the functions are Lin Minsheng, especially the original version, and is more complete in the logic of characters.

In the "breakout" novel, Zhu Changping, the founder of the Five Gold Bar, is actually the grandfather of Lin Manjiang. For various reasons, Lin Manjiang has not been taken in small, and he is paranoid thinking that the public Zhu Changping adheres to the principle, which leads to the root cause of his own tragedy. Lin Manjiang chose to abandon their ancents and went to Zhu Changping’s back.

He regards Zhongfu Group as a personal territory, and has a thousand bats for his wife and children. He concealed the condition and wanted to have a further politics, but also to use Zhu Changping to prove himself. However, people are not as good as the day, the ward of the "breakout" finale, and Lin Manjiang did not care, and the winner of Qi Benan’s Finance, from Lin Xiaowei’s choice. Lin Minsheng was thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of people, but they did not expect their sons who were hoped to choose to make Zhu Changping.

  "Breakout" This game game is the heart. Lin Minsheng used 12 years to Qi Ben’s "Abbeating", two people were entangled in a lifetime.

Lin Manjiang also struggled for a lifetime. He tried to use a lifetime to "heal" childhood, but until the last moment, repent, and finally put down the obsession, saying in front of the curtain: We used to be so eager to fate, and finally discovered that life is the most The beautiful scenery is actually calm and calm … Only from this perspective, the "breakout" in the middle of the country will be indispensable. It is very uncomfortable to see the people who have been inserted in the country.

But I have to say that I have seen the emotional resonance generated by this initial story, and I can replace it with a narrative or flashback.

"Breakout" is boldly through the duplex structure to tell a red state-owned enterprise, create a full and vivid story, and speak the proficiency of conceptualization.

The Drama in the drama of the drama, the corruption of the Kuomintang leads to a distinct comparison of the ideal beliefs of the Communists.

The expression of the story is playing "the enemy’s corruption, it is our opportunity" these enlightenment and warnings from history, providing a purely fulfilled person’s fulcrum for the owner’s union, and also uses ideals to light the topic of the whole work. And the characters. (Beijing Daily reporter Qiu Wei) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

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