Doorgou "virtual service station" is really real

Original title: "Virtual Service Station" is realized as the people’s solution to the reporter Zhang Wei correspondent Zhao Meng yesterday, Li Weizhong, a community secretary of Binhe West District, Daxie Street, Shoujou District, has a new identity: Community Social Governance Integrated Service Station Webmaster. In addition to this webmaster of Li Weizhong, the street integrated administrative law enforcement team, police station, market supervision office, and community property, as a deputy stationer.

Everyone meets regularly, negotiating how to solve the troubles of community residents. Established a social governance integrated service station in the community, in the city or for the first time. At the first meeting after official establishment yesterday, Li Weizhong informed everyone to test the trial operation in the previous month, "counting the merchant ‘door three bags’ change the biggest!" The meeting also announced "three bags in front of the door" Obvious business list. On the morning, the mobile red flag hanging in front of these merchants.

  "In the past, there was a chaotic parking, throwing garbage, we can only reflect the community, the property is reflected, the effect is not obvious. This for more than a month, the rectification effect is good!" Get the mobile Hongqi’s convenience store main year. It turned out that the Binhe West District community is within close proximity of Shi Shi Road, which is an earlier commodity housing cell in Mentougou City. In addition to the residential building, there are more than 100 stores, including an integrated office building.

Because there are more people, the store is often full of vehicles, and the garbage is everywhere. The eyes of their own communities have not improved for many years, and residents and merchants are more than once to the community and property.

Helpless and permissions are limited, and the problem has not been effectively solved. The 12345 supervisor received is more, and Li Weizhong’s brow is screwed into a sputter. How can I change the passive as the initiative, put the complaint to the unspecite to translate? After the unified planning of the street work committee, the relevant person in charge of the Administrative Law Enforcement Team, the Police Station, Community Property and Market Supervision, is called.

A new "service station" born for community fine chemical governance, starting to trial operation.

  Although this service station is just a virtual concept, there is no practical office location, but it is not intermittently and guidance from the first day of Li Weizhong, from the trial operation. At least two of the community is at least two, and "three packs in front of the door" is the top priority. In addition, at the per week, each service station member should find a way to find a way, and resolve problems in the initial stage. After more than a month trial, the community environment is tidy, and the temporary parking space of the residents is also full.

The relevant person in charge of Dazza Street said this is an exploration of the fineness of the community.

Next, this method will be promoted in more than 30 communities in Daqu Street, and strive to realize the full coverage of the street before the end of the year. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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