Huizhou Join Haishi Shenke City Alliance

Southern Daily News (Reporter / Huang Yiyuan correspondent / Xu Wenjing Zhu Yifan) November 12th, 2021 Sea Silk Road Protection and joint declaration World Cultural Heritage City Alliance joint meeting was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

The reporter learned that in this meeting, Huizhou signed the "Sea Silk Road Protection and Joint Recording World Cultural Heritage City Union", officially joined "Haishi Shenke City Alliance".

Up to now, Guangdong has added 7 cities in Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shantou, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhanjiang, Huizhou to join the "Haishi Shenke City Alliance."

"Haishi Shenke City Alliance" was established in 2018, aimed at the "Haishi" to declare the world cultural heritage work, and promote the formation of domestic and international consensus on "Haishi" transnational cultural lines, and play "Haishi" heritage And support the positive role of "a belt all the way" worldwide vision.

Experts analysis, Huizhou "Haishi" cultural heritage is deep, one of the important cities along the sea Silk Road, and has participated in the maritime trade and exchanges as early as the Han Dynasty, in the past, inherited.

Nowadays, Huizhou has many related sites, such as the Huizhou Export Porcelain Kiln, Sanage, Beacon and Fortress, which is represented by Dongping kiln, Baima kiln, and rich sea defense cultural heritage.

In recent years, Huizhou Cultural Cultural Relics Department has deeply excavated the value of cultural heritage of maritime Silk Road, and continues to promote the protection and utilization of "Haishi" hist-centered "Haishi" centered on Huidong Baima kiln, and promote "Guangdong Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit White Horse Kai Site Protection Plan" "Compilation and plan to build a white horse kiln center archaeological park. According to the research institute of Guangdong Provincial Cultural Relics Archeology, Huidong Baima Kiln is the largest kiln field in Guangdong Province, which is the most important imitation Dragonfly, the most important imitation Dragon Springs in the Ming Dynasty in Guangdong, and is important in my country’s Overseas Ceramics Trading System in Ming Dynasty.

The relevant person in charge of Huizhou City Wen Guang International Bureau said that Huizhou will take the opportunity to join the "Haishi Shenke City Alliance" as an opportunity to continue to excavate the sustained sustain of the sea Silk Road, carry out the protection of "Haishi" historical history of Baima kiln. Research, actively participate in the "Haishi Shenke City Alliance" exchange cooperation.

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