All schools in Nanhu District, Jiaxing have carried out "Safety Education Day" activities in primary and secondary schools.

Original title: All schools in Nanhu District have carried out "Safety Education Day" activities on March 29th, the 26th National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day. In the past few days, the primary and secondary schools in Jiaxing Nanhu District held a campus safety knowledge lecture, escape self-rescue drills before and after "Safety Education Day", and took out the coups to grasp the safety knowledge, so that students enhance self-help mutual rescue. "In the event of a fire, the first thing to do is not panicked. The escape should be led to bend, bow, cover the nose, and obey the sequestration of the teacher from the teaching building and other sequential parts." In safety On the day of the educational day, Xia Zheng came to Jiaxing City, the Sanhu District, and the group of Jiaxing City completed the Ministry of Education, preaching a curriculum, such as fire safety knowledge, escape skills.

  "I hope that the children will strengthen their understanding and application of safety knowledge while learning cultural knowledge, enhance their ability to protect their own in an emergency." Jiaxing City completed the relevant person in charge of the Yuehe Department, said the professional skill must be The professional teacher explained that for this, the school invited experts to do "foreign aid", improve the safety awareness of teachers and students and self-protection. Anti-terrorism, fire drill, traffic safety knowledge propaganda … Recently, the new residents of Bridge Town have conducted various subjective safety education propaganda and actual operation drills, letting children, all faculty and staff are fundamentally aware of solid remember safety knowledge. It is also necessary to learn how to deal with various security issues.

  "The primary school students are a group of self-control capabilities, although most children have mastered a lot of safety knowledge, but truly implementation needs strict supervision.

"The relevant person in charge of the children of the new residents of Bridge Town told reporters.

To this end, the school starts from the rules and regulations, incorporating the inspection of the three contests in civilization to regulate the daily behavior of children to ensure the daily safety of children.

Teacher on duty, the school-level student will also actively play the role after the meal, which can be seen everywhere, once the mistakes, teachers, and officers will point out to the children, helping them to develop good safety habits.

  "The child represents the future and hopes, letting their healthy and happy growth are their duties. The school is also an indispensable part of teaching to their scientific and cultural knowledge." District Education Sports Bureau campus security Zhang Jianhua, Minister of Management, said.

This year, the District Education Bureau is designed to "how to call the fire alarm" "" How to charge the phone "" electric vehicle "" "electric vehicle" ", the district education bureau is designed to be issued to primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and guide all teachers and students together. Participate in the questionnaire survey.

At present, the total number of teachers and students in the district have reached 25,557, and more than 18,500 answers are involved, and the fire information reports have reached more than 20.

  At the same time, combined with the "four years" event in combination with the Traffic Safety General Assembly, the District Education Bureau has organized more than 10,000 teachers and students to carry out road traffic through the first class of school safety and March 29th National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day. Safety education, full to curb road traffic accidents.

The District Education Bureau also links public security and other departments, conducts monthly inspections of relevant schools and kindergartens, and prevents school bus over-vehicle, speeding and not according to the approval route, etc., and strongly guarantees the safety and stability of campus.

"Currently, we are deploying work of school teachers and students anti-fraud publicity education and riding electric car normalization wearing safety helmet, will make the campus safety culture atmosphere more rich, so that safety awareness is more deeply rooted." Zhang Jianhua said.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Zhang Liwei).

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