2025 Sichuan, two localities, two localities, comprehensive hospital test results

  On December 10, the joints of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu Area were promoted in Yongchuan, and the two sides signed the "Sichuan Health Health Regulatory Law Enforcement Cooperation Agreement" "promoted the construction of Sichuan Economic Circle in Chengxi. Medical Management Collaborative Development Cooperation Agreement "(2021-2025) , Alleviate the patient’s medical burden.

  It is understood that since this year, Sichuan Yun two places in the high-quality development of medical services, jointly established more than 80 professional leagues such as ophthalmology, neurosurgery, and pain.

The Second Hospital of Sichuan University will successfully approve the National Children’s Region (Southwest) Medical Center with Children’s Hospital, National Senior Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center (Huaxi Hospital). center. This year, Sichuan Yun clearly explicitly incorporates 38 three hospitals into the mutual recognition unit, and established two local inspection and inspection results. At present, the two places have completed the electronic health card management information system, and 220 second-level public medical institutions realize the Chongqing Electronic Health Card "Scanning".

  In addition, the two places have also established the information push-to-selection mechanism and provincial data information sharing of the Sichuan and Er. "The overall medical and health resources of the two places in Sichuan are relatively rich.

"He Yanzheng, director of the Sichuan Health and Health Committee, said that there are high-level medical and health institutions such as Huaxi Hospital, Chongqing Medical University, and the health and health integration of Sichuan University." Next, we will put Sichuan The two localities have been integrated into the test results for the results of the test inspection, which is convenient for the people in the two places. Zhou Kangxiang, Director of the Planning Department of Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Committee.

  According to the above agreement, the two places of the Sichuan will construct information notification mechanism, and the health and health administrative departments of the two places in time or share the information involving cross-regional law enforcement cases, and construct a clue transfer mechanism, law enforcement mutual recognition mechanism, law enforcement cooperation mechanism, etc. (Reporter Li Wei) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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