Centenarian doctor Xinying age: a life of the medicine is a peak

"Medical cause is my life" ["myth" in a needle, to let al almost blank thoracic surgery to catch up, he thinks all the methods to reduce the pain of patients and challenge all kinds of "unknown". Some people say that the wounds of opening chest surgery are too large, not suitable for acupuncture anesthesia. In order to explore the effect, Xinying age has implemented his acute appendicitis in acute appendicitis! Thoracic surgery needs a 16-pin, from four caves to stop in surgery.

"Such a complex operation, how can it be promoted?" Xin Yingling uses tweezers to clamp your skin, and uses the preferred method for painting each acupuncture point, and finally finds the best acupoints in the analgesic effect outside the forearm.

In 1970, the main knife of Xinjieling Age has implemented the first use of a needle thorn anesthesia under the lung resection surgery, shocked the acupuncture.

In 1972, he served as the US President Nixon visited China, specially requested to visit this operation. Visiting Huqu groups did not dare to believe their eyes: the whole body anesthesia needed for two or three hours to complete, and Xin Yingling used 72 minutes to complete, and the patient was clear and free.

Synchronized age has made more than 1400 cases of acoustic hematological surgery, and the success rate is as high as 98%. Acupuncture has promoted the research work of my country’s acupuncture and analgesic principle, laid the foundation for Chinese acupuncture therapy.

["Soil experts" walked in "the forefront"] The condition is hard, the facilities are insufficient … Xin Ying age is deeply well known, will be beaten behind, "the frog in the bottom" must not do! In the 26 years working in the Central Tuberculosis Research Institute, Xinxian Aging rarely went home and became a "hospitalized doctor." He is desperately drilled, and he is not idle.

In the 1970s, pulmonary transplant surgery had just started, and there were very few countries to study in this regard. In 1979, Xinjieling took the lead in the domestic lack of two cases of human lung transplant surgery. "At that time, the world only did 42 cases." Liu De, director of the Sino-Japanese Friendly Hospital of Xinyun, who has worked for 29 years, said that Xin Lao did not participate in any training studies in this area, completely relying on himself. The results of the experimental study. Today, China-Japan Friendship Hospital has taken into the world’s eight major pulmonary transplantation center, with more than 100 cases per year. Liu De Ruo was inseparable: This is not open to the foundation of Xin, and highlights his super innovative spirit and prospective. Like a tired gyro, Xinxian age is in the extent to which it is almost fascinated. At the age of 68, he cooperated with Swedish scientists to create new technologies for electrochemical (direct current) treatment of tumors. It can locally kill tumor cells without opening.

The National Exhausted Tumor patients received this treatment and effective rates of 65% to 85%. This technology also promoted the research and development of later radiotherapy technology and ablation technology.

Honored the national science and technology award 8 times, a national labor model, national advanced worker, white and gratie medical personnel, etc. Operating table.

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