How to change your name to change your name? The question must be answered

Original title: How do children be changed to change the name? This question must be answered recent days, "abducted" topics are hot.

The movie "Dear" prototype Sun Haiyang finally found a 14-year son, and recognized the scene could not help but cry.

An original warm family, once a deal of the crime of the population, even if there is a satisfactory ending, it is difficult to return to the past.

To this end, the public is generally hated "people who are traduters" and buying children. In addition to the fight against the population, it is often overlooked, but very important issues, the same needs to be questioned: those who are trafficking, and have been found, why can they successfully settle, successful "White" is normal? Who is it, what kind of institution does it to do an account for them? Is there any suspicion of abuse of public power? From a common sense, it is not simple to give a child to settle, and the procedures shall have the ID card, the account book and the marriage certificate, the parental unit or the street, the village certificate, the formal hospital issued by the child’s birth medicine Wait.

These cumbersome, meticulous elements, although there is a bit trouble, but is the necessary conditions for preventing "浑 水 水".

Under this set of systems, a person must become a "social person", and its personal information needs to be strictly certified. With such a "certification", his identity can be confirmed by the household registration system. In theory, the necessary conditions for the abducted children have no normal account. What is the confirmation? Where is the birth medical certificate? These "levels" should play a "level" that has repeatedly disappeared, and it is inevitable that it is worrying.

From the past case, many children who have been retrieved after adults have new identities and new accounts. What happened to this? Who "cooperate" to buy a child? Do not clearly say these questions, similar situations may continue.

  This is not to say that children who are traffled will not have normal learning, working conditions, but said that the housing management work is determined to review the obligation and play a social warning.

If the child being traffled is always easy to complete the "re-social" process, buy a child has become a "convenient" thing.

This is substantially constituted by institutional assistance to trafficking behavior, and its hidden dangers must be fully valued. According to reports, in 2016, Fujian police have discovered the clues of criminals for fake, buy and sell "birth medicine certificate" declaration account.

Recently, there was a newspaper that there was a newspaper on the social platform. It has 4,885 birth certificates in Shangqiu City Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Whether it is the relevant proofstime or forgery, there is still a "inner ghost" take the initiative to be "shake it", the relevant departments must strictly investigate. Among them, if there is a household registration, the health system staff involves the case, but also becomes the focus of investigation.

  In the early morning of December 9, Sun Zhuo and another child of Sun Haoyang, who had received much attention, was reported to the Shandong Liaocheng Yanggu County Public Security Bureau, said that the first time to set up a task force to handle the child’s account Problem to investigate, initially identified: Sun Zhuo, that is, Sun Haiyang, the current name is national, household registration in a city in Heilongjiang Province. Another abducted childrens in the report, the current name is Wu Mou, the household registration is in the county. In further investigation, the relevant situation is under further investigation, and it will be seriously processed seriously. Household registration carries citizen basic information, and its management work is crucial.

In recent years, all localities have frequent resuming problems, and they are illegally settled by the abducted children.

These problems, the household registration management works can not ignore the power rental space. In this regard, the relevant departments still need to overhaul, block the system vulnerability, prevent someone to protect your private.

  In the society, there has been a sound call: the relevant departments should strengthen the digital construction in the household registration management, form a full digital flow of population information, and reduce the "human operation" space on the technical level.

Specifically, it is recommended to prevent human trafficking crimes. Whether the library is consistent. These recommendations are not necessarily possible, but the relevant departments should also actively explore the space as space.

  Helping the trafficking of children, must seize "current commit", and accurately combat every link on the crime chain.

How to settle the child to settle, is a key link.

Only continuous texture of the governance network can only achieve "the world’s free".

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