Beijing Cultural and Tourism Bureau released reading space theme travel line

  Beijing Electric (Reporter Zhao Shan) The Beijing Cultural and Tourism Bureau released 10 "Book Fragrance Beijing -Reading Space theme Tour" line on the occasion of this year’s World Book Day. Citizens can stroll in the reading space, in the book of books Leisure in the ocean.

  The 10 lines released this time are based on physical bookstores and characteristic libraries, which are loved by citizens.

Wangfujing Bookstore is known as the "First Store of the Republic". It is the cultural memory and urban landmarks of Beijingers. In it, you can experience the joy of reading in the trouble. After walking north along Wangfujing Street, he came to the long -established Hanfen Building Bookstore. People met the Chinese translation academic series arranged on the wall.

Continue to walk north for ten minutes is the Sanlian Tao Fen Bookstore. It is open for 24 hours. The quiet corner staircase leaves unforgettable memories for readers.

The Yonghe Hall of the East Gate of the Temple is a sink -type building full of design.

The Yonghe Hall is the first signature bookstore in China. It is mainly based on literary and artistic and humanistic books. Cultural reading activities are held every week. The Chinese bookstore of Liulichang is a living stone inherited by the bookstore. It is located in the historic courtyard. The space is full of space. The courtyard is overlapping.

The Zhengyang Book Company, located in the West Si, is a well -known bookstore with Beijing and old Beijing -related literature and books, which are quite distinctive.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Cultural and Tourism Bureau, this time, through the release of the reading theme line, it also connected the specialty food and art places along the way to focus on the reading and building a fragrance of books. This year, Beijing will further tap cultural tourism consumption potential, and take the two major brands of "Walking Beijing" and "Beijing Net Red Payland" as the platform to actively cultivate more new scenarios, new products, new formats, new products, and realize cultural tourism to achieve cultural tourism. High -quality development. (Responsible editor: Wang Lianxiang and Yang Di) Share more people see recommended reading.

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