Latest developments: Ukraine said that the "fish fork" anti -ship missiles provided by Western countries Russia said that Russia has completely attacked the strategy of the Ketonsk region

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 28. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters reported that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on the 28th that Ukraine was receiving a number of "fish fork" anti -ship missile systems from the United Kingdom and other countries to use in the Black Sea region.

The Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Konashenkov reported on the 28th that under the joint operation of Donetsk’s armed forces and the Russian army, the Russian side has completely attacked the strategic land and railway Hubman in the Katonnesk region. ——Ukram’s Ministry of Defense issued an article on social media on the 28th that Ukraine is receiving a batch of "fish fork" anti -ship missile systems from Denmark, Britain and the Netherlands to defense in the Black Sea. The ranks of this missile supply. ——The National News Agency in Ukraine quoted the military departments of Ukraine on the 28th that the Donetsk region was fierce. In the Lugansk area, after fierce fighting, the Russian army temporarily retreated in some areas. The Russian army is still increasing troops and equipment in the Donedsk and Lugusk region to try to surround the Ukraine in some areas. ——Arrhtic news on the 28th of the Kremlin website, Russian President Putin and French President Macron and Germany’s President Tsutz talked on the same day, and exchanged in -depth opinions on issues such as Ukraine.

Putin said that Russia has an open attitude towards the restoration of negotiations with Ukraine. He emphasized that the West continued to transport weapons to Ukraine is very dangerous, which could lead to further tension and worsening humanitarian crisis. The leaders of the Three Kingdoms also talked about ensuring global food security issues. ——Arrofinance on the 28th of the Russian News Agency, the weapon of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not spread and the director of the regulatory department, Ye Ermarkov said in an interview with the media that day that only after the end of special military operations Re -dialogue. ——Conachekov said on the 28th that in the past day, the Russian army destroyed the two commanders of the 4 ammunition libraries and the subordinate forces of the Ukraine, and cracked down on the five commands of Ukraine, 17 military equipment and personnel. Gathering point.

The Russian air defense system shot down a Mi-8 helicopter in the Zapolo area, and the Russian fighter aircraft shot down the two Su-25 fighters of the Ukraine.

——The Russian Ministry of Defense held a press conference on the 27th to announce the analysis of Russia’s analysis of the United States’ military biological experiments in Ukraine.

Kirilov, commander of Russian radiation, chemistry, and biological protection forces, said at the press conference that the United States, Poland and Germany did not report to the United Nations related information with Ukraine. —— Ukrainian Foreign Minister Culba posted on the social media on the 27th that more weapons to assist Ukraine were on the road.

Kulbaba said that he and US Secretary of State Blingken called the same day and focused on discussing the issue of heavy weapons assistance. Ukraine International Television Telecom cited the United States Cable Television News Network on the same day that the United States is preparing to provide a long -range missile system to Ukraine in the near future. —— Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmegal posted on the social media on the 27th that he met with the visiting German economic cooperation and development minister Schultzer in Kyiv on the 27th.

Shmegal said he had suggested that the German government assigned a special envoy to support Ukraine’s post -war reconstruction. ——Teor belowly announced on the 27th that in order to ensure the security of the border, restricted personnel will be restricted into some areas of the country in the country. According to Baitong News Agency, the restriction time is from June 1 to August 31. —— Putin called on the 27th as the Austrian Prime Minister Nehamem.

Putin introduced the situation of special military operations in Ukraine in Ukraine, and notified Russia’s work to ensure the safety of sailing of the Azov and Heihai.

The two sides also exchanged for food security issues. Putin said Russia will abide by the contract obligation to supply natural gas to Austria.

——The General Staff Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces released a war report on the social media on the 27th that as of the 27th, the Russian army had lost 29,750 people in the conflict with Ukraine, with 1322 tanks, 3246 armored vehicles, 623 artillery systems, and more, and more 201 rocket launchers, 93 air defense systems, 206 fixed -wing aircraft, 170 helicopters, 503 tactical drones, 115 cruise missiles, 13 ship/patrol boats, and 2,226 vehicles and fuel transport vehicles. (Participate in reporters: Yellow River, Huadi, Li Dongxu, Li Ming, Lu Jinbo) (Responsible editor: Zhao Xinyue, Yang Mu) Share more people see it.

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