The cause of ancient books ushered in new development opportunities

Original title: The cause of ancient books ushered in new development opportunities [Expert Comments] Recently, the China Office and the State Office issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Work of Ancient Books in the New Era", which has greatly encouraged the nationwide practitioners of ancient books. The release of "Opinions" is justified.

my country is a great civilized country. The historical classics are like a sea of ??smoke. It contains the long history and infinite wisdom of the Chinese nation. It is the basis for cultural self -confidence and institutional self -confidence. For more than forty years of reform and opening up, the cause of ancient books in my country has achieved fruitful results, and it should be higher on the organization, scale, quality, systemic, in -depth interpretation, digitalization, popularization, internationalization, etc. The great improvement of national strength welcomes the arrival of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The "Opinions" is the great government strategy to formulate in this historical needs. The "Opinions" indicates the direction of the current and future ancient books. The "Opinions" clearly "do a good job in the work of ancient books and protect the valuable cultural heritage of the motherland, inherit, and develop well." Its fundamental purpose is to "continue the Chinese style, promote the national spirit, enhance the national cultural soft power, and build socialism to build socialism, and build socialism. Cultural power ".

The "Opinions" made specific arrangements for the work of ancient books in the new era. From the three aspects of guiding ideology, working principles, and main goals, the overall requirements were made. This point the strength of the improvement of the work system of the ancient book. From the three aspects of improving the level of ancient books, improving the research and editing capacity of ancient books, and strengthening the scientific and standardized management of ancient books. The value of the times, the effective utilization of ancient books, the promotion of digitalization of ancient books, and the popularization and spread of ancient books and the spread of ancient books have pointed out specific matters to accelerate the transformation and utilization of ancient books. , Strengthen the five aspects of fiscal and taxation policies to indicate key elements of strengthening the work of ancient books.

This clarifies the question of "how to do". Such a comprehensive, detailed, and concrete ancient book deployment shows that the cause of ancient books in my country has indeed taken the avenue of science, and it will inevitably guide the cause of ancient books to achieve great historic achievements in the new era. The "Opinions" has far -reaching significance for the research work and talent training of ancient books. The "Opinions" made all -round thorough deployment from the protection of ancient books, the study of ancient books, the publishing of ancient books, the development and utilization of ancient books, the digitalization, and the popularization of publicity.

We should use the "Opinions" as a guidance to complete important tasks such as the "Yongle Ceremony" depository system for the "Yongle Ceremony", the survey and digital introduction project of ancient Chinese ancient books, and the collation project of the "Thirteen Classics" collation projects, and In -depth explanation of the core ideas, traditional virtues, and humanistic spirit of the excellent traditional culture of China, so as to provide a useful reference for governing the country, and to live up to the cultivation and trust of the party and the country.

We must also start from the long run to cultivate students, so that they love the excellent traditional culture of China, strengthen national self -confidence and cultural self -confidence, lay a classical foundation, grasp modern tools, face the country’s urgent needs, and on the needs of the people. The prosperity of the country has made greater contributions.

  (Author: Du Zesang, a member of the leading group of the nationwide ancient books and publishing planning planning, dean of the School of Arts of Shandong University) (Project team: reporter Chen Xue, Wang Meiying, Du Yu, Li Xiaodong, Zhou Hongshuang, Wang Simin correspondent Xu Mengling) (Responsible editor: Wan Peng Liu Yuanyuan).

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