The star-like silver light once again blocked Wei Yu。
“Hoo!!!Broken broken!”Wei Yu’s right hand squeezed,The silver light gathered in front of her was crushed abruptly,And at the same time,Her body is like an octopus,The dead general Yan Ruyu‘lock’On the ground,As if to be with Yan Ruyu‘perish together’general。
The vixen around was completely stunned。
This is the legend‘Strongman lock man’Is it?
but,Wei Yu like this‘Entangled’It’s a good way,after all,Yan Ruyu’s righteousness is very strong,If one is not paying attention, he will be bounced off。
As long as I’m dead,Then you can’t play me,Right?
“Wine?Don’t bring me wine yet!!!”Wei Yu is taking Yan Ruyu thoroughly‘uniform’Rear,Finally free a hand,Yelled loudly。
“Here it is,The wine is here!Already ready,Head catch!”Qin Shufang immediately threw a pot of wine that he had already prepared。
“grown ups,Why not use water?”Huahu asked doubtfully。
“water?That might wear Bang!”Qin Shufang shook his head。
“Chuanbang?”Flower Fox doesn’t understand。
but,Wei Yu in the temple has taken the jug with one hand,And the other hand is holding Yan Ruyu’s neck and holding it with his hands.‘Pull’。
After one hand can’t open,Changed hands again,One shallow and one deep,Actually gave Yan Ruyu’s mouth abruptly‘Pull’opened。
“Little lady don’t want to resist,You have to drink today,You have to drink without drinking,As the saying goes,The little lady is not drunk,How can i have a chance?Hahaha……”
Wei Yu opened Yan Ruyu’s mouth,I directly poured the wine bottle facing down。
but,After the drinks were poured into Yan Ruyu’s mouth,But it was not swallowed,But it keeps flowing out from the corners of the feet。
“Dare not drink?Little lady, you are such a clever ghost,Row,I will feed you myself today!”Wei Yu doesn’t seem to be surprised at this scene,Laughing wildly, he took a sip of his drink,then,Bend down,I kissed Yan Ruyu’s mouth,Use clever force to force it。
“Guru Guru!”
The drink poured into Yan Ruyu’s mouth,Wei Yu’s mouth was blocked again,It’s impossible to think about it again,Finally swallowed by Yan Ruyu。

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