The Zhuque propaganda led by Cheng Pengyu finally waited for the chance to end,Wrote a few long articles,From education,Parental responsibility,Social atmosphere and so on,A detailed analysis of the mentality of parents who send their children to the fourth hospital。

Analytical articles are written well,Justified,No obvious signs of washing the floor,Netizens who were so dizzy finally saw the voice of Li Zhongke,Have supported the Suzaku official。
Zhang Xiaoming, who squatted in the dormitory of steel workers, also unexpectedly became the winner,He is like a rat in a rice jar,One person plays two corners,Several accounts with different opinions fight each other,The rhythm can fly,Made a fortune。
“Many netizens are asking why they don’t hit these so-called treatment institutions hard.,Few people think about why such institutions exist,These institutions have no false propaganda,Did not send anyone to catch on the street“Problem child”,In the final analysis,Sent the children to hell with their own hands,It’s the parents themselves。
Addiction,It is a black pot used by incompetent parents to cover up the failure of their family education,This is not the first time this black pot has appeared,It used to be called“Martial arts”、“Cell phone”、“Anime”、“Popular music”,Maybe in the future“Figure”、“Hanfu”……
Wait until the child has poor academic performance、“disobedient”when,They push all the problems to this pot,Send the child to“Quit internet addiction”School lost something。
As long as such parents still exist,“Uncle Yang”Hesiyuan will always have his market,I closed this fourth hospital today,There will be another coming out tomorrow。”
Cheng Pengyu’s words,Become the most reposted copy,A public opinion public relations incident,Transformed into public thinking about education methods and parental responsibilities,Has been unanimously approved by the majority of netizens,No one is the official Black Suzaku,Even because of sympathy and contempt for the hot media,Sorry to go to Suzaku’s official account。
An obviously thankless investigation, bad things turned into good things under Cheng Pengyu’s long-sleeved dance,Not only did Cheng Pengyu not lose his black hat,Dare and dare to be left behind by the Provincial Organization Department,Flexible,Outstanding reviews,Rumors are changing next year,He is about to join the leadership of the Suzaku Standing Committee。
The Suzaku Fourth House has come to an end,Ai Heyun was taken home by her parents,His parents are both ordinary employees,Hope for a child,I just want Ai Heyun to study hard,A good score in the college entrance examination,Go to a prestigious university,So as always, he is not allowed to fiddle with these“Crooked way”,But this time I quickly changed my mind,Because Liu Yuan came here。
Who is Liu Yuan,That’s a well-known star entrepreneur in the country,Ai’s parents hurriedly poured water,Welcome before and after,Too nervous to speak,Liu Yuan was talking and laughing,Feel free to pull the homework and tell the purpose of this trip:“He Yun this child,Very creative,Can talk to me very well,XThe company has an elite youth training class,I want to invite him to join,I don’t know what you want?”
Father Ai was so excited that he couldn’t speak,The first two yearsXThe company announced the launch of elite youth training courses,Recruit talented teenagers from all over the world to joinXCompany key training,Unexpectedly, my child would also enter Liu Yuan’s eyes,I immediately agreed,But my wife stepped on her foot。
“Thank you Mr. Liu for your kindness,But He Yun is already sophomore,Join the training class,I’m afraid it will affect the study of Heyun,you know,The college entrance examination is coming soon……”

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