“I called the police。”Chen Li said。

Yao Yun stood up immediately,“nonsense,I called the police。”
Yao Yun took out his phone,And Chen Li also took out her phone。
indeed,They all called the police。
Chen Li is gone,I looked at his lonely back,I feel a little sad in my heart。
I followed Yao Yun up the mountain,Shangxiang,Enshrine the Everlight,Hanging prayer cards, etc.。
Wherever you can pray,Yao Yun did everything without landing。
What is she doing in front,I also followed what to do。
Yao Yun suddenly turned around and asked me,“Why do you pray?”
“Pray for your grandpa。” I said with a smile。
My parents are healthy now,Wife going to divorce。
and so,I have nothing worthy of protection from gods。
On the way back to the hotel。

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