this problem,I also want to know。

“See Dong Chengfei’s wife。”I got up and went to the bathroom。
When coming out again,Yao Yun has returned to his room。
Prepared for half an hour,Yao Yun and I came again to the villa area where Dong Chengfei’s wife lived。
this time,I didn’t choose to rush,But registered at the door。
The car stopped at Dong Chengfei’s door,Yao Yun got off the car,Wearing a pinkAWord skirt,Two smooth legs,Appear more slender。
She wore a dark red sunshade,Put up a ponytail high up,Seems extra capable。
Under the sun,Looks extraordinarily eye-catching。
I couldn’t help but look twice。
“What do you see me?”Yao Yun asked awkwardly。
I smiled,Did not speak,Raised his hand and rang the doorbell。
quickly,The door was opened。
The clothes of the black fat woman are really bad,She even wore a white house clothes,Skin looks even darker。

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