She was pregnant three years ago,The long cycle of conceiving children,The baby is pregnant in October,It takes almost four years for the stunner to vibrate,This is an expression of the will of heaven and earth,But the child of the immortal god is born in the state of infancy,therefore,The child of a fairy god has a great chance of being promoted to a true fairy。

If two real immortals appeared in the Lei family,It’s hard not to revive,Baoling is most likely a real fairy,Her child might be a real fairy。
An angry Baoling said to Xu Na:“I will not teach my husband to use it in the future(yīn)Conspiracy,Real swords and guns are the last word。”
Xu Na’s small arms and calves,I don’t dare to be true to Baoling,I had to look at Emperor Lei with tears,The husband Lei Tianzi said with a serious face:“The way of using soldiers is one heart,You want to go straight,The enemy won’t play with you,You still have to use(yīn)Conspiracy,Don’t participate in this kind of big event。”
Baoling gritted her teeth and wanted to lose her temper,A sharp pain in my stomach,She actually gave birth to a son,And he’s an infantile master who can fly around after birth。
This son made Lei Tianzi forget the fear brought by his wife Baoling,always there(chuáng)Former care of Baoling,Name the child Lei Xiang。
Baoling is busy with her child,Team Lei Tian helped Zhao Family according to Xu Na。
Zhao Kuoxu was killed by Thunder Team last time,Holding fire in my heart,After getting help from Thunder Team,Directly defeat the True Crane Tower,The other sect families saw Zhao’s action,I went to besiege the True Crane Tower, which has long been unpleasant,The wall fell and everyone pushed,The little real crane tower was taken apart after only a long time,The living disciples each escaped。
Piaoxiu also knows that she provokes public anger,Ran to Lei Tianzi for help。
In front of this ally, I can’t erase that point.(qíng),Emperor Lei is very embarrassed,After thinking about it, I still accepted Piaoxiu,Although this strong man is very embarrassed,But it is the realm of immortal gods,Extremely high force,Just a little bit of character。
Piaoxiu is lascivious,(xìng)Pattern is more indecisive,Always think too much,Do too little,True Crane Tower is destroyed,He has a great responsibility,If you go straight,Won’t end up where it is now,Especially the alliance with Lei Tianzi,If you can seize the opportunity,Maybe True Crane Tower will rise。
Emperor Lei asked Piaoxiu to serve as a staff officer in Team Thunder,To put it bluntly is to raise an idler,No right,Big things and small things don’t need Piaoxiu(cāo)heart。
Piaoxiu came to Dongtianfudi,Very popular with some female fairies,Because Piaoxiu is handsome,Talking humorously,High force value,Not short of money,know(qíng)interest,Naturally let the romantic(xìng)’S fairy is like picking up a baby。
Lei Tianzi strictly ordered Dong Chan’er and(chūn)flute(chūn)He and others must not walk too close to Piaoxiu,That downcast head can harm others,There are a lot of women in my family,Can’t let Piaoxiu take advantage。
Piaoxiu is still used to living with Team Thunder,Gradually adapted to the environment,Two years later,Piaoxiu Lei Xuan got it together,These two are not good,A female fairy,A guy who likes*Pet,After the relationship broke through, Lei Xuan suddenly stopped paying attention to other men,Just guard Piaoxiu alone,Piaoxiu was not satisfied at first,Always want to go out and steal fishy,After being caught several times by Lei Xuan,A few big fights,Piaoxiu also realized her fault,I’ve collected Huaxin and Lei Xuan(rì)Son,Both sides don’t like the status,Anyway, I’m tired and crooked together every day。
Emperor Lei didn’t know this kind of relationship,Dong Chan’er knows a little,She had to hide her husband from her daughter,If Emperor Lei knew that Piaoxiu had become his son-in-law,,Maybe she will attack Piaoxiu and kill him。
Let’s say that Piaoxiu’s great cause of throwing down Zhenhe Tower ran to Lei Tianzi,The original address of Zhenhe Tower was occupied by the Zhao family,Team Thunder didn’t plan to occupy territory here either,Withdraw the army if you ask for a batch of supplies。
After Real Crane Tower was removed,There are two sects on Rake Tooth Star aiming at Team Thunder。

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